VoxOverWiFi uses venue Wi-Fi to provide advanced audio tour technology for groups, through visitor smartphones.

Museums & Cultural Attractions | MICE

High performance group audio-guide system for smartphones
VoxOverWiFi is a cutting-edge tool for group audio-guiding or audio-commentary in museums, theatres, cultural attractions, conferences, and tour or cruise groups. It uses proprietary application software on guest and escort smartphones to relay the voice of your guide to visitors over WiFi, thereby eliminating the need for investment in audio hardware. This unique system gives tour participants the flexibility to wander at will while enjoying live, interactive commentary and feedback though multiple channels using their own smartphones and headsets.

How it works
VoxOverWiFi is a simple but robust application that turns iOS mobile devices into a transmitter for your local guides, conference hosts or tour leaders. The same downloaded app also converts visitor or guest smartphones (both Android and iOS) into receivers. The local guide then creates a streaming channel in the app using a simple personalised name (e.g. “4 pm English Ancient Egypt tour”). Tour participants scan the available channels and join the appropriate tour. Speakers may set passwords to prevent unauthorised access to their tour.

To connect a transmitter and a receiver, guides and participants must be connected on the same Wi-Fi network. This link is enabled using your own Wi-Fi routers (if the building has consistent coverage across the length of the tour), or by one of our sophisticated Vox Portable Routers (VPR). The system does not require an internet or 4G connection (except for the initial app download) as audio streaming happens only on the localised network.

Powerful features

  • There is no limit on the number of receivers. The limit is given only by the Wi-Fi infrastructure by the number of concurrent people that can connect to it.
  • The quality of the audio is dependent on the Wi-Fi infrastructure, but with a good quality network, or a Vox portable network, transmission delays are not perceivable.
  • The system also works as a simultaneous translation solution. For example, a second guide could connect and create another channel (e.g. 4 pm German Ancient Egypt tour).
  • Tours may be recorded for website or device playback.
  • A participant can ask a question to the speaker anonymously by sending an in-app message.
  • The speaker can create customer feedback surveys.

Easy to use and cost-effective

  • A hands-off group audio solution with minimal administration and maintenance.
  • A future-proofed solution with no obsolescence.
  • Improved visitor experience with clear, personalised guide commentary.
  • No headset equipment or cleaning required as based on visitor smartphones
  • Guides can use normal ear-bud or Bluetooth headsets