Vox on track once again with Harp Racing in Formula X 2019

Travel providers today are fully aware of the increasing trend towards the personalisation of travel experiences. It’s no surprize therefore that we have seen a huge growth in the number of smaller companies offering specialized, off the beaten track vacations, as this long-tail phenomenon increases. Vox has built its reputation on serving these small to

Vox announces new full-service operations office in Milan

Vox Group has appointed Ombretta Rossi to head the new North Italian hub in Milan. Ombretta is an experienced travel industry professional, having strategically managed and developed services with local partners for incoming tourism in Milan for many years. Ombretta said “The office will be located in central Milan in the prestigious Moscova neighbourhood, with

Vox announces the launch of the ‘Vox Vatican Guide’

Vox Group and Vox Mundi are proud to announce the launch of the important new ‘Vox Vatican Guide’. It was created in partnership with the popular ‘Roma Pass’ as an exclusive add-on to Rome’s official 48 or 72hr tourist pass. The ‘Vox Vatican Guide’ is a sophisticated digital guide to Rome and the Vatican that

Vox announces full service operation for Australasia

Vox Group has appointed Peter Smith as Managing Director of Vox Group Australasia, in a move that sees the world’s biggest provider of Tour Guide Systems expand its footprint deep into Oceania. Elio Epifani, Vox Group President, said: “Peter is a travel industry executive with extensive experience, and he was quick to see the huge

Vox Group unveils 2019 product, app upgrades and major rebrand

WTM – London: 5th November 2018 Vox S.p.A. has just unveiled a major corporate rebranding and product rollout under the ‘Vox Group’ banner. The company believes the changes will more cohesively present its diverse product range and wide B2B scope across both analogue and digital platforms. Vox has achieved tremendous business success over the last


Hotels and trends in digital services being offered

Mobile phones have made life so much easier in many ways and are particularly useful when travelling. They are an omnipresent companion on the road, providing us with up-to-date information and a source of entertainment. The hotel industry is capitalizing on this trend as the demand for personalisation increases and they strive to enhance the

Travel providers and the age of personalisation

As any savvy marketer will tell you, personalisation is the new frontier. Online or offline, it’s essential for companies to provide customers with opportunities to do-their-own-thing. It should be the Holy Grail for travel providers too, because holidaymakers increasingly crave experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people, as individuals, enjoying flexibility