Vox acquires Sycomore in strategic cultural media expansion

Vox Group welcomes Sycomore in a major acquisition that successfully brings together the two giants of tourism and culture. This move positions the combined business as the leading provider of services across both industries.   Sycomore is celebrated for its interactive guiding devices and audio visual content, and has been serving cultural sightseeing needs for

Vox introduces faster and smoother services at the Louvre.

Vox Group this week announced the new opening of its new service desk inside the Louvre museum in Paris. The company sees it as a major advance of its tourist services and logistics support for tour groups and guides in the French capital. Vox CEO, Fabio Primerano, said “We are delighted to partner with such

Vox multilingual visitor experience at Belfast Cathedral

Belfast Cathedral has launched its new audio interpretation programme for visitors, now providing self-guided tours in eight languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Mandarin, with a carefully selected local Belfast accent to provide authenticity for the English tour. The cathedral chose the Vox Group to be its technical and content provider,

John Boulding & Tom Jenkins discuss tourism and technology at the ETOA City Fair.

John and Tom are two of the travel industry’s most experienced and respected managers, and their conversation at the City Fair reflected on the changes that have taken place in the business over the last 40 years. They also discussed where technology and data are taking us in the future. John’s current role as CMO

Vox CLEARTONE devices making the news in UKINBOUND

UKINBOUND just published an article on the important role played by the Vox CLEARTONE devices in the recent simultaneous translation event, a multiple translation, performed at the Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral’s VOX transmitters and receivers, normally used by tourists for climbing to the base of the Spire on a Tower Tour, played a different but

Vox Milan helping drive sustainabile tourism.

The new Vox Milan offices are off to a flying start, and the team are making sure that their operational footprint is very eco-friendly. Nearly all their deliveries are made by bicycle, and the majority of their cases are eco-sustainable with reusable handles. Ombretta Rossi who is heading the Milan hub says ‘We take the

A triumphant product launch in Singapore last week for Vox.

Vox Group held a highly successful product launch of its new digital travel products at Little Italy in Singapore last week. Key industry delegates from DMO, tour, agency, MICE and media sectors joined  John Boulding, Vox CMO, for a presentation of the simple Vox digital tools enabling businesses stay one step ahead today. John said:

Vox Group partners with Retake Roma

As a major supplier to the tourism industry, Vox Group is proud to partner Retake in its ‘Bella Roma’ event 31 March 2019. As part of this initiative, we are donating the use of Vox radio guide receivers, transmitters and earphones. Vox has multiple initiatives in place to drive sustainability in its operations, including placing

Vox on track once again with Harp Racing in Formula X 2019

Travel providers today are fully aware of the increasing trend towards the personalisation of travel experiences. It’s no surprize therefore that we have seen a huge growth in the number of smaller companies offering specialized, off the beaten track vacations, as this long-tail phenomenon increases. Vox has built its reputation on serving these small to

Vox announces new full-service operations office in Milan

Vox Group has appointed Ombretta Rossi to head the new North Italian hub in Milan. Ombretta is an experienced travel industry professional, having strategically managed and developed services with local partners for incoming tourism in Milan for many years. Ombretta said “The office will be located in central Milan in the prestigious Moscova neighbourhood, with

Vox announces the launch of the ‘Vox Vatican Guide’

Vox Group and Vox Mundi are proud to announce the launch of the important new ‘Vox Vatican Guide’. It was created in partnership with the popular ‘Roma Pass’ as an exclusive add-on to Rome’s official 48 or 72hr tourist pass. The ‘Vox Vatican Guide’ is a sophisticated digital guide to Rome and the Vatican that

Vox announces full service operation for Australasia

Vox Group has appointed Peter Smith as Managing Director of Vox Group Australasia, in a move that sees the world’s biggest provider of Tour Guide Systems expand its footprint deep into Oceania. Elio Epifani, Vox Group President, said: “Peter is a travel industry executive with extensive experience, and he was quick to see the huge

Vox Group unveils 2019 product, app upgrades and major rebrand

WTM – London: 5th November 2018 Vox S.p.A. has just unveiled a major corporate rebranding and product rollout under the ‘Vox Group’ banner. The company believes the changes will more cohesively present its diverse product range and wide B2B scope across both analogue and digital platforms. Vox has achieved tremendous business success over the last


DMOs are cleverly enhancing the visitors experience

The changing role of DMOs in the digital era In the past the Tourist Office was always the first point of call for a tourist when physically arriving in a destination for the first time, a place where they could get a map and advise on places to visit locally. Today, with the rise of

The journey of audio-guiding technology in tourism.

The origins of modern tourism can be found in the church People have been travelling for social motives as far back as the Greeks and Romans, when they travelled to visit religious sites or festivals, despite the dangers and difficulties. Today, tourism employs 9.9% of the total global workforce and contributes 10.4% of total global

Over-tourism and how companies are helping preserve Rome.

Bella Roma! or maybe not. Rome is just beautiful, it’s no wonder that it receives around 10 million tourists every year. It has an immense array of archaeological monuments and art treasures, along with charming villas, parks and panoramic views. But this huge number of tourists in a relatively small city centre, where residents already

Hotels and trends in digital services being offered

Mobile phones have made life so much easier in many ways and are particularly useful when travelling. They are an omnipresent companion on the road, providing us with up-to-date information and a source of entertainment. The hotel industry is capitalizing on this trend as the demand for personalisation increases and they strive to enhance the

Travel providers and the age of personalisation

As any savvy marketer will tell you, personalisation is the new frontier. Online or offline, it’s essential for companies to provide customers with opportunities to do-their-own-thing. It should be the Holy Grail for travel providers too, because holidaymakers increasingly crave experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people, as individuals, enjoying flexibility