Smartphone self-guiding for city discovery and venue visits

POPGuide is simple, versatile and inexpensive. It showcases your brand, engages guests with your story, and helps them create their own experiences. POPGuide is a powerful B2B2C smartphone guiding application that provides your customers with bespoke audio commentary and itineraries in any destination or venue. It has many powerful additional features, including advertising and information tools, and will provide you with trend data, heatmaps and analysis of user interaction. The POPGuide app is native to iOS and Android platforms, which means it has best possible navigation functionality, works fully offline, and can take advantage of the many advanced features contained in today’s smartphones. We also have a ReactNative version for integration with your own apps and software.

Current POPGuide numbers

Active users per month
Library with points of interest
Available cities
Content created for your needs

Activation By QR Code Or Login/Password


Outdoor & Indoor Mapping/Floorplans


Online And Offline Navigation With Real Time Location


Self-guided Auto Played Itineraries


Multi Language Audio, Image, Video Capability


Integrated Marketplace


Promotional Push Notification & Star Points Options


Remote & Intuitive CMS


GDPR Compliant Data Collection


Branding Options

Explore the Intuitive POPGuide CMS

With its user-friendly interface, effortlessly modify, delete, and enhance graphic, sound, video, and textual content within the tour sections. Enjoy complete control over all media, to update your tours.


Data-driven Activity Reports for Analysis and Planning*

POPGuide’s data collection options provide our partners with access to essential information. They can retrieve data on downloads, active users, average time spent, language preferences, and detailed user interaction reports. Our platform helps them gain valuable insights into navigation patterns through trend reports and comprehensive heat maps.


POPGuide White Label

Our POPGuide white label version presents travel businesses worldwide with a valuable opportunity to enhance their services using a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable app. With immediate availability, there’s no need to allow time for expensive software development.

Our solution provides a personalized experience tailored to the unique needs of travel organizations. Clients receive a fully rebranded POPGuide app registered on iOS and Android app stores as their own. Our white label solution receives continuous maintenance and updates, guaranteeing alignment with the latest features introduced for the POPGuide app.


POPGuide Museum

POPGuide Museum caters to the needs of cultural organisations. It encompasses all the essential features of a traditional audio guide yet enables venues to digitise their tours while expanding their visibility.

POPGuide Museum can be directly downloaded onto visitors’ smartphones; or accessed through M-Guide, our multimedia guide, where it has additional functionality, including using BLE beacons and infrared technology. POPGuide Museum is the ultimate choice for modern cultural tours.


POPGuide City Views

POPGuide City Views are immersive app-based tours showcasing the city from an observation deck or viewpoint. Guests use their mobile device to access the experience which transforms a static vista into an interactive one, whilst sharing audio commentary about the most famous sights which can be identified from each viewpoint.