Tourism Management

Exclusive tourism management services for cultural venues and organisations

Vox Tourism Management services play a pivotal role in empowering significant institutions to leverage their human resources, streamline processes, harness technology, and optimise physical infrastructure. By doing so, these services bring about notable enhancements in daily operations, foster an increase in tourism, and create exceptional experiences for pilgrims from around the world. Through their comprehensive full-service management approach, Vox provides a range of invaluable solutions and support to achieve these objectives.


Content creation

Our content teams work closely with institutions and tourism professionals to develop captivating and informative itinerary commentaries that resonate with international visitors. By crafting compelling narratives, and engaging tours Vox ensures that its self-guided itineraries are not only educational but also emotionally resonant, thus delivering a truly immersive experience for visitors.


Guiding equipment

Vox provides state of art self-guiding and group-guiding equipment to enhance the visitor experience at every step of their travel. Through advanced audio systems, Vox ensures that pilgrims receive accurate and engaging information, allowing them to fully appreciate the historical and cultural significance of a venue of a city. We will help you find the best guiding system for your tours and your visitors.


Visitor management

The management of a large influx of visitors requires meticulous planning and efficient visitor management strategies. Vox tourism management services address this by providing comprehensive solutions for visitor management and staffing. Vox helps minimise wait times, reduce congestion, and create a seamless entry process, enhancing visitor satisfaction.

We also provide a concession service – dedicated teams for each partner, who take care of visitor reception, audioguide distribution, satisfaction surveys, etc. We collect and analyse visitor data from these locations, adapting and developing our solutions according to visitors’ needs.

All our staff are recruited for their excellent customer service, relevant experience and ability to speak several foreign languages.


Ticketing booking and distribution

Wave is our online booking system for managing sales and the booking process; from ticket purchase to the issuing of the QR code. Using our fully integrated system, visitors can seamlessly book your experiences through your website or through other distribution channels such as online travel agencies. Combining a guiding solution and direct ticket booking functionality on your site will help you become more accessible, bookable and attractive.

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Marketing and promotion

Vox tourism management services include strategic marketing and promotional activities tailored to the institution’s target audience. Leveraging various channels and techniques, such as digital marketing, social media campaigns, and collaborations with travel agencies, Vox ensures that the institution’s offerings are showcased to a global audience.

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Cities passes

Vox has a rapidly growing portfolio of destinations where it develops and operates city passes. A good example is in Milan, where we operate the Milano Pass. City passes allow visitors to access multiple attractions, transportation and services within the city, with the convenience of a single pass. Their pass can also encourage travellers to extend their stay and engage with other notable sites and experiences nearby. This not only enriches their overall leisure experience but also contributes to the local tourism ecosystem.

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