Tech Talk Venue with Venice

Vox: Tech Talk Webinars 2024

Join us for a voyage of discovery through the cutting-edge of guiding solutions, self-guided tech, and innovative travel services


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1. Adapting to the Traveller 2.0: A Deep Dive into Companion Technologies – View video now!

2. The Evolution of Group Travel: Bridging the Generation Gap – View video now! 

3. The Rise of FIT Travel: Personalisation and Independence – View video now!

4. Integrating Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with Traditional Destination Management for Future-Ready City Marketing– 11:00 am BST 18th September 2024

5. WTM Special: Unlocking In-Destination Data: A New Frontier for Operators – 16:30 pm GMT 6th November 2024

6. Enhancing End-to-End Travel Experiences through Technology – 11:00 am GMT 18th December 2024

7. Interactive Journeys: Elevating Visitor Experiences with Smart Technology – 11:00 am GMT 29th January 2025


Unveiling the Next Horizon in Travel Technology

Our ambition is to illuminate the path for travel professionals by exploring the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future of tourism and culture. Designed for industry leaders and visionaries, this series will be a fusion of education, collaboration, and insight, that promises to unveil the pioneering spirit of products and services that are advancing the travel industry in today’s new dynamic.

Dive deep into the realms of travel technology and innovation with our “Vox: Tech Talk Webinars” series. This meticulously curated six-event series, provides unique episodes tailored to spark dialogue, foster industry alliances, and unveil transformative insights. From the dynamics of Traveller 2.0 to the digitalisation of tourism management, our webinars are structured to provoke thought, encourage interaction, and share cutting-edge practices. Expect a dynamic blend of expert panels, interactive Q&A, and introductions to trailblazing technologies, offering a 360-degree view on harnessing tech to elevate travel experiences and business outcomes.

On our Tech Talk Webinars, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with speakers such as Alexi Tabrizi, Stephen Oddo, Ulla Hefel, Gianluca Camaggio, Tim Fairhurst, Marc Wieland, and many more prominent figures in the industry. These experts will delve into a diverse array of hot topics and tech strategies, providing invaluable insights and perspectives. Whether exploring the implications of emerging technologies or dissecting innovative approaches to enhance traveler experiences, our lineup of speakers promises to deliver thought-provoking discussions that are not to be missed.