We help our partners enlighten and inspire their customers around the globe

At Vox, enriching the visitor experience and optimising partners' operations are our top priorities. On group tours, our digital audio devices offer a personalised and immersive experience, while ensuring crystal clear reception, long transmission range, and unbeatable reliability for tour success. For independent exploration, our complete POPguide solution provides expert multilingual commentary at visitors' own pace and preferences. With comprehensive tourism management services, including reservations, bookings, audioguide distribution, and satisfaction surveys, we collect and analyze valuable visitor data to implement best practices for efficient tour operations. Our constant drive to make our patented equipment, logistics, software, and services world-class fuels our journey to excellence.


Vox is committed to acting responsibly and doing what is best for our business partners, customers, employees, and the environment.

We partner with local government and businesses to drive sustainability and recycling in the tourism industry and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and support sustainability.

This includes reducing waste and implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations and supply chain, as well as phasing out single-use plastics in our offices. In addition to these efforts, we also offer products and services that help our customers minimize their own environmental impact.

We believe that sustainability begins with us and strive to minimize the negative impacts of tourism while maximizing its positive benefits globally.

Our story

21 Years of Record-breaking Achievements

Vox revolutionises the travel industry with professional tour guide systems
Vox pioneers venue management services, launching a 15-year transformation project with St Peter’s Basilica
Vox opens a global network of offices to better service overseas markets & destinations
Vox launches its own in-house software development and introduces Globol, its eCommerce and OTA platform
Vox introduces POPGuide, an innovative app to help tourists explore and engage with destinations and venues
Vox launches Vox City, its own B2C brand, creating and packaging guided tours and experiences worldwide
Vox becomes a leading creator of multilingual and multimedia content for tourism
Vox renews is its range of group guiding solutions with Vox Connect, an innovative tour guide app and Vox VDR using digital patented technology
Vox acquires Sycomore, the leading company in interpretation and guiding solutions for arts and culture
Vox opens new distribution points for daily rentals at major landmarks, Vox City signs 30+ franchise partners
Vox Group celebrates 21 years of success as the global leader for guiding solutions in tourism and culture
Our team

Team Members

The Vox team is dynamic and stimulating, composed of professionals from different backgrounds and countries. This eclectic group of nearly 500 talents embraces a wide range of skills, ranging from developers to creatives, designers, and sales professionals.

Elio Epifani


Fabio Primerano


Federica Parachetti

Global project manager

John Boulding


Enrico Mecozzi

Managing director Spain

Massimo Primerano

Managing director UK & Ireland

Daniele Marchesiello

Managing director - France

Roy Wang

Managing director Asia

Peter Smith

Managing director - Australia

Claudio Fiorini

Product director POPGuide & Vox city

Giuliana Tredici

Business development

Matteo Zibellini

Business Department Team Lead

Sabrina Liberatori

Business development

Dalia Cortes

Business development

Daniele Vece

Business development

Barbara Epifani

Business development

Valentina Tomasetti

Business development

Mattia Di Tommaso

Daily Department Manager

Elisabetta Risica

Financial Department

Lee Stupple

Account Manager

Guido Bolaffi

Operations manager - UK

Hanane Sahnane

Operations manager - France

Domenico D'Angelo

Long rent

Mary Ann Ortega

Booking and logistics

Alessio Mariotti

Head of production operation

Veronica Gallo

Content creation

Paolo Sabitini

Content creation

Moti Erdeapel

Business Development - digital products

Daniele Bonifazi

Product director

Sebastien Huet

Technical director hardware and R&D

Francesco Epifani

Senior project manager

Laura Gucciarelli

Office Manager Florence

Sara Broglio

Office Manager Milan

Simona Marchionni

Accounting Department

Mirko Rizzo

Daily Department Manager