Vox revolutionises the travel industry with radio Tour Guide Systems.

  Vox Mundi signs an exclusive management contract with St. Peter’s Basilica.

  Vox works with Europe’s biggest Tour Operators and opens a network of offices.

  Vox 360 is launched. Vox becomes S.p.A. (PLC). Opens 50 worldwide offices.

  Vox begin expanding their offering with Populi and Globol B2B platform.

  Vox launches the powerful POPGuide destination app for the B2B travel sector.

  Vox introduces self-guided city sightseeing and unmissable visits to famous museums.

  Vox2Go, the complete tour and cruise solution, launches. Vox acquires the Sycomore brand.

   Vox VDR brings long-range digital radio technology. VoxOverWiFi opens a new era in tour guide systems.


1. Our numbers speak for themselves.

Every year we successfully service 15 million travellers on an estimated 27 million audio tours globally. We were not only the first, but we are the best that’s why St. Peter’s Basilica trusts us to exclusively manage their visitor services.

2. Ask our clients.

Don’t ask us, ask our clients. Our average rating over thousands of reviews is 4.5 stars

3. We’re experts in the travel industry.

No one understands the travel business better than us. We have been addressing the challenges and opportunities of the various travel sectors for over 20 years, maintaining our industry leadership every time.

4. We’re continually transforming to meet your demands.

Innovation and how travellers make decisions is evolving by the minute. What works today may not work tomorrow in this dynamic sector. We invest in the future with our in-house software division, we’re ahead of ‘what’s next’, and we have the operational scale to give our partners a competitive edge.

5. We cater for your requirements big or small.

We work with companies of all sizes. Each client is assigned an account manager who will work with you from project beginning to end, guaranteeing superior customer service all the way.

6. Your needs are always met (and we can prove it)

Our products are versatile and flexible, meaning our partners get the perfect fit to their needs. Not only do we have a great track-record, but we have case studies to support what we say.

7. We work hard for you, because you are important to us.

We take great care to manage every project perfectly, because we want you to be satisfied. Our mission is to add value to your services and aid you in your growth. We understand the travel business and know we’re in an industry where close communication is fundamental. This is the reason we have been able to become the world leader for travel industry guiding and destination technology solutions.


Our talented people come from all walks of life but without exception, feel driven to make a difference. We continually challenge, disrupt, and question industry norms so open-up great opportunities for our partners at every corner. We started that way and it remains our mission to continue to do so.

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Elio Epifani
Vox Group President

A message from our President:
“Vox Group operates across the globe and has always believed that the business should play a pivotal role in caring for our planet’s ecology, cultural heritage and communities, both at home and in the field. We are very conscious of setting an example, so continually seek to expand ways we can support sustainability and conservation. We hope you will join us on our journey.”

Vox thinking and priorities
Vox cares about ‘doing the right thing’ for the business partners and guests we serve, our dedicated and engaged staff, the places in which we work and generally for the greater good. We are executing a strategy to make our operational footprint eco‐friendlier, reducing waste and supporting our local environment. We have long worked on cutting single‐use plastic and other waste through our operations offices and logistics chain, and continue to introduce recyclable packaging alternatives. We also believe that sustainability begins at home, so we have committed to phasing out single use plastics, including drinking straws, plastic cups and plastic cutlery in our offices, as well as driving out other plastic waste wherever possible.

Vox Tour Guide Systems services over 15 million travellers on an estimated 27 million audio tours, through nearly 5,500 partner tour operators.