Products, systems & technology to kick-start your recovery

As the world begins its recovery from Covid, there is just a short window of opportunity remaining in which to realign your proposition for quite different customer needs, preferences, and priorities that stem from newly learnt attitudes and behaviours.

Vox will help your transformation. We’ll provide you with guiding and management tools to enable flexibility, personalisation, and social distancing so your guests can enjoy the best experience in every destination and venue.


Vox City Walks is an entirely new, technology driven, network of hop-on hop-off guided walking tours that provides live local experts and first-class guiding in multiple languages. It will be a 2021 blockbuster reaching over 100 cities globally.

State-of-the-art POPGuide is bespoke to your needs. It is built on  Vox smartphone technology to enable your guests and visitors to flexibly explore destinations or venues, accompanied by multilingual storytelling and auto-play commentary.

Vox Connect is our professional smartphone system for group guiding. This technology requires no separate devices, ensures crystal clear communication, and fully resolves social distancing. It suits a wide variety of tourism and cultural guiding scenarios, as it has failsafe connection options using mobile internet or Wi-Fi and is not dependent on group size.

Vox Tour Guide Systems feature patented state-of-the-art technology and crystal-clear audio for professional group guiding. Devices are lightweight, have automatic pairing, unbeatable battery life and have a range of up to 200m. Tour guide systems are fully sanitised and provide the perfect solution for the post Covid world.

There’s much more besides. Vox Group technology, software and content supports all sectors of tourism and culture.

Talk to us now to discover the best options for you.

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Your strong partner

Vox experts from across the industry are on hand to help you. We will simply, quickly and cost-effectively assist you to modify your product mix.

By partnering with Vox you can grow market share, increase profitability and enjoy repeat business from satisfied customers.

Specialist content for you

Vox has a vast library of multilingual audio content for storytelling, and has all the capability and skills of a top team of copywriters, editors, voice artists, and production specialists. They will work with you to build out entirely new destinations, complex venues, or sightseeing programmes in less than eight weeks. These products can then be seamlessly integrated into your destinations or packages under your own brand and delivered to your customers via their own smartphones.

Solutions for every sector:

  • DMOs and DMCs can look to Vox to help manage tourism flows, get rich data and trend analysis and better deal with local-guiding peaks and troughs.
  • Sightseeing and shore excursions companies can add extra languages, offer ‘unmissable visits’ off the normal routes and make more profits from improved load factors.
  • Group guiding and touring companies can rely on Vox Connect to provide crystal clear audio over guests’ smartphones, with super-fast connection and no audio delay.
  • Museums, galleries and venues can attract more international visitors, improve dwell time and reduce lines.
  • OTAs, retailing and service companies can value-add commodities with self-guided audio to increase margins and differentiate their offering.

Your needs, your customer

Vox solutions are versatile and flexible, so can easily be adapted to every travel sector. Whether your needs are for tour guide systems, smart travel solutions or multimedia technology we have innovative and reliable products and unbeatable service.

We’ll invest in you, work with you, train you and support you all the way.

Now is the time to plan your next cultural interpretation

Our Vox Sycomore brand provides interactive visits using smart digital guides and multimedia productions for cultural institutions all around the world. Quality content production is the heart of Sycomore activity and is the key to a successful visitor experience. Our commentaries and equipment enable visitors to widen their knowledge and connect with the exhibits on show. The current coronavirus slowdown is a great time to plan your next project or upgrade, so reach out to us now to find out how we will invest in your future by creating new and captivating productions.

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Sycomore has a long-held passion for making culture more accessible to the public. It started its activity in 1986, supplying audio-guide solutions for the occasion of the famous exhibition “Les Immatériaux” which was held at the Center George Pompidou, in Paris. Today, the business is a global leader in audio-visual technical solutions that allow visitors to deepen their knowledge and get the most from every visit.

Let’s use the opportunity of the interruption in travel to improve accessibility, introduce new technology and create new and relevant, multilingual content for children, adults and the visually and hearing impaired. Beyond this we can improve the profitability of your site and help you benefit from additional services linked to your host city and surroundings.

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