The compact digital radio guide

Vox-VDR Vox-VDR-2
Patented technology
Intelligent on/off & auto-pairing
Ultra-long range 200+m
99 secure channels
Lightweight 113 grams (4 oz)
European design & manufacture

Introducing the Vox VDR™: Next-Generation Digital Radio System for Tour Guides

Elevate your guided tour experience with Vox VDR™, a state-of-the-art digital radio system that melds innovation, convenience, and exceptional audio quality into a single, elegant package.

Our next-generation technology is powered by patented intelligent pairing, ensuring an instant, seamless connection between the tour guide and participants. Even at whisper-level audio, the system delivers clear, high-standard quiet-vox-grade commentary. Designed for flexibility, Vox VDR™ offers up to 99 channels, allowing the guide to effortlessly select their transmission channel and get the tour started right away.

What sets the Vox VDR™ apart is its operation on the interference-free 1.9 GHz bandwidth, a fresh frequency band authorized by the ART. This allows the device to sidestep the congestion and interference commonly associated with the 2.4 GHz zone used by Bluetooth. Compliant with the latest European transmission regulations, our system promises an unbeatable, interference-free reception range of up to 300 metres, ensuring that you never miss a word.

In terms of durability and practicality, the Vox VDR™ excels with a staggering battery life of 65 hours and automatic on/off features. Its compact, lightweight, and stylish design makes it an ideal companion for any tour guide aiming to deliver a superior experience to their audience.

‣ State-of-the-art digital technology
‣ Certified EU telecoms compliant
‣ Compact and lightweight• No external aerial
‣ Interference-free 200m range
‣ European manufactured
‣ Intelligent auto-pairing
‣ Patented proprietary technology
‣ Secured 99 channels
‣ Ultra long battery life with auto-save

Carrier Frequency Range1880-1900Mhz
Operating Temperature-10°c - 55°c
Power Requirements3 VDC (Battery-Powered)
Output Power< 6mW
EIRP< 24.4 dBm
Simultaneous Transmissions99
Operating Range200m