In-ear earphones

Vox in-ear earphones are sealed and supplied individually. They are made from high quality materials and remain the property of each guest after use. The design is aesthetically pleasing and conforms to the latest hi-fi functionality. Vox undertakes to responsibly recycle unwanted used earbuds, and provides free carriage for their return to Vox logistics centres.

Earphone 2

Over-ear earphones

We supply this special earpiece for guests who use hearing aids, or who are unable to use our standard in-ear earpieces for any other reason. Each unit is sanitised for each guest before despatch, and again on return to Vox logistics centres.

Earphone 1

Vox eco-friendly cases

Vox takes caring for the environment very seriously and strives to conduct business always in a socially responsible manner. All Vox despatch boxes are now manufactured from eco-recyclable materials and are consistently reused over many years.



The clip-on design of these practical, small-sized, and lightweight microphones ensures a high level of comfort throughout the entire tour. Moreover, their omnidirectional functionality allows speakers to move freely without any compromise on the reception quality of the sound.