Ultra-compact digital guiding for groups

99 secure channels
Intelligent on/off & auto-pairing
20+ hrs battery & fast charging
Just 29g and under 6 cm tall
Micro-clip or lanyard
European design & manufacture

The MicroGuide, is an exceptional tour guide system defined by its incredibly lightweight design.

Operating on the new frequency band authorised by the ART (1.9 GHz) and offering up to 99 channels, this fully automatic device possesses the same impressive features as the VOX VDR.

Taking compactness to a whole new level, the MicroGuide weighs a mere 29 grams, measuring 5.5cm x 6.0cm x 1.6cm, ensuring unparalleled visitor comfort during group tours. Additionnaly, The micro-clip attachment guarantees secure and convenient placement.

Furthermore, the MicroGuide boasts an impressive battery life of 20+ hours, allowing for extended usage without interruption. And with the intelligent charging dock, you can conveniently recharge your devices with ease.

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