Create and Innovate: The Vox City Walks story so far…

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Over the last 9 months every tourism business has been forced to adapt and endure the impacts of Covid-19. However, here at Vox we didn’t just want to stop at adaptation, we saw an opportunity to create an experience for the future and with the inevitable recovery of tourism in mind, Vox City Walks was born.

Operating since September in Rome, Florence and Venice, Vox City Walks is a brand new Hop-on Hop-off Walking tour concept, and using various components of Vox’s technologies has been designed for a safer yet more comprehensive sightseeing experience. Each operation proudly showcases their city through a variety of self-guided and escorted routes, providing customers with ultimate flexibility over a 24, 48 or 72 hour period.

Customers of Vox City Walks tours conduct the whole experience through their own mobile device, so there’s no sharing of audio or navigation equipment, in fact, it’s completely contactless. Those who chose to join one of our local experts on an escorted route of the city will listen in to live commentary, using a state-of-the-art piece of technology called Vox Connect. This system turns the customers device into a receiver and the guides device into a transmitter that connect wirelessly to deliver crystal clear communication. With an unlimited range on transmission, customers can socially distance easily with a guarantee that they won’t lose connection or have to accept a lower quality of audio from the guide.

Moreover, we give customers choice, and part of the experience is the opportunity to sightsee independently whilst having the knowledge and guidance of a local expert in the palm their hand. Our app based navigation offers users suggested self-guided routes, audio-commentary that auto plays based on location, options to pin drop important locations such as hotels or favourite restaurants, public transport information and much more..

Vox City Walks is designed with the post-Covid traveller in mind, providing flexibility and safety without compromising on experience.

During these months, we have built a dedicated team, created a whole new brand and launched Vox City Walks in 3 locations across Italy. We have introduced the concept to customers in-location using our existing channels of communication, introduced the concept to the travel trade, and forged long term partnerships with industry leaders. Throughout 2021, we will continue to bring these amazing tours to new cities, aiding tourism and destination recovery on a global scale. To find out more about our tours visit

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