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Navigating New Tourism Regulations in Venice

Keep Your Tours Compliant and Enjoyable with Vox VDR Headsets Venice, renowned for its picturesque canals and historic charm, has recently implemented tough new regulations to manage the flow of tourists and protect the quality of life for residents. These changes impact group tours, requiring new measures to ensure compliance. At Vox, we are well-positioned […]

Historical Tours Guide

Navigating Historical Tours with Vox: A User’s Guide

In the realm of historical exploration, technology has evolved and revolutionized the way we engage with the past. Those days are gone when we use the guidebooks. It’s time for an immersive historical tours guide that is guided by cutting-edge tour guide devices provider like Vox. Vox offers an immersive and dynamic experience, allowing tourists […]

Tour Guide System

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Tour Guide System for Cultural Sites

Exploring cultural sites can be a wonderful experience, offering insights into history, art, and heritage. To make this journey more amazing, investing in the right tour guide system is necessary.  Tour guide systems are an important technology in modern tourism, and with their unique functions and advantages, it has become an essential tool in the […]