Tour guide system Service Terms & Conditions IRELAND

What’s included in your rates?

✔ Delivery and collection*
✔ Receiver units as specified
✔ Transmitter unit for the guide
✔ Standard earphones
✔ 5 AM1 earphones for the hard of hearing
✔ Spare equipment (1 transmitter/5 receivers/10 disposable earphones/alkaline batteries)
✔ Instructions manual

*For islands and locations considered remote by courier companies, there will be an extra charge of 100,00

Additional or special requests may be subject to an increase in rental cost.
For any special requirements you may contact us at:

Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation charges up to 6 working days before service
  • Up to 5 days before service incurs shipping costs of €80,00
  • Up to 4 – 0 days incurs full charges


Any damage and/or loss of equipment is subject to the following penalties:

  • Damage / loss of receiver: € 50,00 per unit
  • Damage / loss transmitter: € 100,00 per unit

Things to do before the tour:

  • Book at least 5 working days before the tour start date, sending Vox the completed booking form.
  • Be sure to note your tour code and the Tour Director contacts.
  • Indicate in the note the company name with which you reserved the hotel (we will mark that name as a reference on the box).
  • Warn the hotels/coach company, etc. that  they will receive a box for your Tour Director from Vox.
  • Once you arrive, if the concierge reports that they don’t have any box from Vox for you tour, please ask them to check again for a box wrapped in a Vox red plastic bag.
  • Once you collect the box, please double check that the references on the label correspond to your specific group to avoid any mix up of deliveries (many times we have several groups at the same hotel).
  • Finally, carefully check the equipment inside the box.  If you identify any problems, please contact Vox immediately on our Operations phone number (available 24/7) to resolve the issue:

call: +353 (87) 4066144   |   email:

Operation of rental services


At Vox we constantly strive to make our operations as sustainable as possible. We already place a strong focus on making sure our batteries and headsets are returned to us in dedicated bags so that we can recycle them correctly and we are increasing our use of recyclable cardboard cases in our logistics.
Please help us help the environment further by encouraging your guests to use their personal earphones with our Tour Guide Systems.

Thank you for your support