Guiding the Future: Vox Group’s Vision for 2024 and Beyond

As 2024 unfolds, Vox Group eagerly unveils its story, a tale woven with significant milestones that have charted our course and the promising future that calls to us.

The year 2023 was a landmark period for us, marking a 'Signature Year' where we celebrated our outstanding achievements spanning from 2001 to 2022. Now, leveraging these accomplishments, we stand poised to confront the future's challenges and seize its myriad opportunities.

In the past year, Vox Group was honoured with multiple awards for our innovative technology, including our back-to-back victory at the UKInbound Technology Award and recognition as 'Champions of Mobile' by Travolution, where we were Highly Commended.

What makes 2024 so exhilarating for us? Let's take a brief look back at 2023's memorable moments and peer into the future's thrilling unveilings:

  • YESMilano City Pass Launch: In a groundbreaking partnership with the City of Milan last Autumn, we introduced the YESMilano City Pass. This innovation marked a new epoch in visitor experiences, offering paperless, voucher-free sightseeing packages and transport options, enhancing travel convenience and enjoyment for our customers. Our bespoke destination pass solutions are designed to meet our partners' diverse requirements, ensuring top-tier experiences for their visitors.Expanding POPGuide Partnerships: Our collaborations in 2023 with an array of sightseeing bus operators, venues, cruise companies, and museums significantly expanded the scope of self-guided tours and visits. This collaboration led to an impressive 265% growth, revolutionizing how travelers experience the world's most iconic sites.
  • Advancements in Museum and Gallery Solutions: Our strides in group tour guiding technology, in partnership with prominent galleries and museums, elevated cultural experiences. Through our Sycomore brand, with over 35 years of heritage, we've brought the world's artistic treasures to numerous enthusiasts, with exciting new contracts lined up for 2024.
  • Tourism Management Across Europe: Vox Group's influence continued to grow, securing new tourism management contracts throughout Europe, solidifying our role as a trusted partner in this dynamic region.
  • Digital Group Guiding Solutions and Contract Growth: Our patented VDR radio guiding solutions have seen a significant 35% growth since 2019, with our innovative VDR Micro guide reinforcing our commitment to pioneering solutions. This has led to new global contracts, reinforcing our status as a leader in tour operator guide systems.
  • Innovative AI Content Stream: The advent of 2024 heralds our cutting-edge AI content stream, a comprehensive service embodying our dedication to advancing premium content services in tourism and arts and culture for our partners.
  • Global Network Expansion: Vox Group's global footprint has further increased, with new and expanded offices in Berlin, Versailles, Dublin, Rome, Nice, Madrid, and Southeast Asia, extending our expertise globally.
  • Vox City's Robust Growth: Our B2C division, Vox City, has seen significant expansion in experience packages and guided sightseeing, now covering over 100 cities worldwide and enhancing travel experiences for numerous explorers.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Our ongoing sustainability efforts include eco-friendly practices such as recycling devices, batteries, and headsets, using fully recyclable packaging, eliminating single-use plastics in offices, and minimizing our carbon footprint through local offices and e-bike deliveries. Our headsets are now completely recyclable and are packaged in environmentally friendly materials, underscoring our dedication to a sustainable future.

2024 represents just the start of an exciting narrative that Vox Group is eager to share with you. We look forward to exploring together the innovations, partnerships, and adventures that await. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to lead the way in "Guiding the Future."

Stay connected for more updates and thrilling developments as we celebrate the enchantment of travel and culture. 2024 is set to be a remarkable chapter in the history of Vox Group!