Travel Trade Group Enhances French Visitors’ London Experience with POPGuide

Case Study | POPGuide

The Scenario

Travel Trade Group, a prominent travel organization, specializes in curating unique travel experiences. With a significant number of clients traveling from France to London, the group faced the challenge of providing an engaging, informative, and independent exploration experience for these visitors in one of the world’s most iconic cities.

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The Opportunity

Recognizing the need for a modern, intuitive, and comprehensive self-guiding tool, Travel Trade Group aimed to empower their clients with a solution that would allow them to explore London at their own pace, while still providing a rich, guided experience.

The Solution

Travel Trade Group implemented POPGuide, a powerful B2B2C smartphone guiding application, as their primary tool for enhancing the city discovery experience for their clients. POPGuide offers bespoke audio commentary and tailored itineraries in London, enabling visitors to explore the city's landmarks and hidden gems independently. The app, native to both iOS and Android platforms, features advanced navigation functionality, works fully offline, and leverages the advanced features of modern smartphones. The ReactNative version of POPGuide also allowed for seamless integration with Travel Trade Group’s own apps and software.

The Result

The adoption of POPGuide by Travel Trade Group significantly transformed the travel experience for their French clients visiting London. The feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive, with many citing the app’s ease of use, the quality of the content, and the freedom it offered in exploring the city. Travel Trade Group also benefited from valuable trend data, heatmaps, and analysis of user interaction, which helped in refining their service offerings.