St. Peter’s Basilica

Case Study | Vox Mundi

The Scenario

St. Peter's Basilica, located in Rome, is one of the most iconic and sacred sites in the world, attracting millions of pilgrims and tourists annually. The Fabbrica di San Pietro, the official governing body of the basilica, recognized the need for a service to enhance the visitor experience and improve overall operations. In 2007, Vox Mundi became the official agent to implement this ambitious project.


The Opportunity

The Fabbrica di San Pietro faced various challenges in managing the growing number of visitors, ensuring a smooth flow of groups, and providing comprehensive guidance and services to pilgrims. They sought a partner who could offer innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance visitor services, and leverage technology to create a more immersive and engaging experience within the basilica.

The Solution

Vox Mundi embarked on a 15-year project to revolutionise the tourism management at St. Peter's Basilica. Vox Mundi's highly trained staff played a pivotal role in providing a warm welcome, offering guidance, and ensuring a seamless visitor experience.

For group visitors, Vox Mundi offered the use of radio guides, ensuring that each participant could hear the guide's commentary clearly. These devices were mandatory within the basilica, providing an immersive audio experience while respecting the solemnity of the sacred site.

To optimise visitor flows, Vox Mundi established a dedicated entrance line exclusively for their services, allowing for efficient entry and reducing waiting times. They implemented a sophisticated entrance management system, incorporating ticketing, security checks, and crowd control measures to maintain order and safety.

To monitor and manage visitor flows, Vox Mundi set up a network of special Wi-Fi routers and advanced software. This technology allowed real-time monitoring of visitor movements, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions and regulate crowd density within the basilica. By carefully managing visitor flows, Vox Mundi aimed to provide a more peaceful and contemplative atmosphere for pilgrims.

Furthermore, Vox Mundi developed the Vox POPGuide app, which visitors could download onto their smartphones. The app offered multilingual audio commentary, allowing individuals to self-guide and explore the basilica at their own pace. This digital solution empowered visitors to delve deeper into the history and significance of St. Peter's Basilica.

The Result

After 15 years of collaboration, Vox Mundi successfully transformed the pilgrim experience at St. Peter's Basilica. The implementation of their comprehensive tourism management services greatly improved daily operations and increased overall satisfaction.

The project's successful completion in December 2022 positioned Vox Mundi as a trusted partner in tourism management services for major religious institutions. Their expertise in leveraging people, processes, technology, and physical infrastructure resulted in improved daily operations, increased tourism, and ultimately provided the best possible experience for pilgrims from around the world visiting the renowned "Queen" of churches.