RICHOU Voyages & Vox Collaboration

Case Study | Tour Guide Systems

The Scenario

The RICHOU group, founded in 1952 by Aimé and Jeanny Richou, is undoubtedly one of the leaders in France, particularly in Western France thanks to their 29 agencies and their passionate dedication. They offer a wide range of products and services including tours, package holidays, cruises and coach trips.


The Opportunity

Richou Voyages was very keen to be able to provide their customers an add-on benefit to all their proposed trips. In addition, and more importantly, they wanted to resolve the predicament of being able to communicate efficiently in places where tour guides were obliged to respect the silence.

The Solution

In order for the Richou Group to meet these requirements they chose to collaborate with the Vox Group by offering their Radioguides for all their guided tours of their group and package tours.

The Result

As a result, Richou’s customers were highly satisfied and appreciative of this extra service, discovering that it greatly enhanced their travel experience. Richou was able to provide the real added value that they were looking for, and every year the number of Richou’s travellers benefitting from this service increased.