More and more engagement for hotel guests

Case Study | POPGuide

The Scenario

Manet Mobile Solutions is a travel tech company that has developed Manet, a fully customizable digital concierge for hotels. Manet is available as a mobile app or a smart device, and it accompanies hotel guests before, during and after their stay. The Manet Device helps hoteliers offer their guests a tailor-made experience, allowing the latter to make the most of their stay. Thanks to Manet, hoteliers can also streamline daily operations and increase their revenues.

Manet - More and more engagement for hotel guests

The Opportunity

Travellers and tourists usually face difficulties when they look for information about their destinations. In addition, printed materials (such as flyers, maps, tourists guides) are difficult to carry around and consult while walking. Manet addresses all these issues: it allows tourists to easily find all information and services of their hotels and take advantage of travel tools, tourist guides, interactive maps and many other travellers’ perks, in just one easy to use paperless solution allowing them to enjoy their stay, save time and respect the environment.

The Solution

Manet Mobile Solutions and POPGuide teams worked together to develop customised digital audio-guided tours for Manet Devices. Therefore, Manet users can take advantage of multi-language audio-commentary about hundreds of destination specific POIs directly from their Manet Device.
This service is currently available in Rome, Milan, Assisi, Florence, Riccione, Venice, Verona, Pisa, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Nice, Paris, Athens, Salzburg, Singapore, and the number of available cities is constantly increasing. Audioguides enrich travellers’ experiences through facts and stories narrated by local experts and art historians.

The Result

Manet is setting a new standard for hotels and their guests. It helps hoteliers digitalize ancillary services sales as well as availability of all comforts offered by accommodation facilities to their guests.
Thanks to Manet travel tools and other innovative features, travellers can benefit from free unlimited calls and internet connectivity and fully enjoy their destination. By adopting POPGuide, the Manet solution has become increasingly attractive both for hotel guests and for hoteliers as Manet users enjoy a richer travel experience and hoteliers get a powerful tool capable of making their guests’ experience potentially unique and unforgettable.