Historial Charles de Gaulle

Case Study | S-Guide

The Scenario

The Charles de Gaulle Historial presents the story of a man whose life is closely linked to the liberation of France. The museum has recently undergone a vast renovation of its audio-visual interpretation system to create an extremely immersive visual tour. High-tech multimedia equipment is used to unfold the career path of the general and help visitors understand the extent of Charles de Gaulle’s stamp on the history of France.

Army museum

The Opportunity

With over 48 points of interest and 360 media experiences included in the visit, the museum's goal is to offer an immersive audio-visual tour. Walking through the interactive space visitors discover different types of screens, projectors, scenes, delivering exclusive contents on Charles de Gaulle’s life and achievements. The audio-visual contents are automatically launched in French. The tour, however, also needed to be accessible to a multilingual community.

The Solution

Sycomore delivered 300 S-Guide also known under the name Sound guides to the Hisotrial Charles de Gaulle. The automatic headset offers an audio experience that perfectly matched the already existing visual tour. In addition to its unique sound features, the S-Guide enables automatic triggering of commentaries and audio-visual synchronisations. For this purpose, 48 infrared zones were installed. Visitors can connect to a video, or hear a speech in their own language without having to move a finger!

The Result

Upon arrival, visitors receive the S-Guide, an elegant, concise and light audio headset. The visitors are guided by the automatic launch of audio commentary available in 8 languages. Apart from volume adjustment, no other handling is necessary. They can walk hands free and easily take pictures, notes…