Exclusive tourism management services for cultural venues.

Vox Group offers reservation services, ticketing, visitor flow management and smartphone applications and devices for guiding at venues of any size.

Vox Mundi at St. Peter’s Basilica

Since 2007, Vox Mundi has been the official agent of the “Fabbrica di San Pietro” for all tourist services in Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Vox Mundi provides highly-qualified staff, a dedicated entrance, a wide variety of welcoming services, state-of-the-art guiding, management, and communications technology. These facilities ensure a memorable and positive experience for all pilgrims visiting the undisputed “Queen” of all churches.

For group visitors, Vox Mundi also offers listening devices (radio guides), that are compulsory inside the church, and uses its own software to monitor and manage the flow of tourists inside the Basilica. What’s more, every day over 2000 people choose to use the Vox POPGuide application on their smartphones to self guide around St. Peter’s, while enjoying its multilingual audio functionality.

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Leonardo’s Vineyard

Leonardo’s Vineyard is directly in front of the church where Leonardo’s famous ‘Last Supper’ painting can be found.
Vox ticket service desk inside the Vineyard provides the bookings and ticketing for the Vineyard visits, along with the multilingual self-guiding POPGuide application for visiting the church, the vineyard and the city of Milan. The staff also offer packaged tickets for the major tours and attractions in the city.

Distribution Services

Sycomore provides distribution services to cultural organisations, with dedicated and highly trained teams taking care of visitor reception and audioguide distribution.
We recruit our receptionists according to their sense of responsibility, presentation and ability to speak several foreign languages. The number of allocated staff will vary to suit specific venues. In Paris, for example, we currently retain 25-35 employees on our reception teams.
We also organize surveys to collect and analyse visitor data from partner locations allowing us to continuously improve and adapt our guiding systems according to visitors’ needs.
Sycomore currently offers these on-site services to seven sites, including Versailles Palace, the Army Museum, the Mont Saint Michel, and the Pantheon.

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