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On group tours, digital audio devices provide a more personalised and immersive experience for visitors, allowing group leaders to manage and communicate with their guests more easily.

At Vox, we prioritize providing the highest quality end-user experience because we understand that crystal clear reception, long transmission range and unbeatable reliability is crucial for the success of our partners’ tours.

For independent discovery, Vox self-guiding devices and smartphone applications allow visitors to listen to expert multilingual commentary while exploring a venue or destination at their own pace and in their own way.

To achieve these successes, we constantly strive to make our patented equipment, logistics, software, and services the best in the world.


Vox VDR uses next-generation patented technology, brilliantly engineered into a compact, light and sleek design.

Vox VDR is designed and certified to operate 99 simultaneous transmissions exclusively on the 1.9 Ghz bandwidth, far from the crowded 2.4 Ghz band used by others. This advantage guarantees an unbeatably long transmission range and interference-free reception up to 200 meters.

Moreover, Vox VDR is the only device to feature intelligent patented auto-pairing, facilitating instant connection whenever the user is within range of the guide’s transmitter.

Vox VDR can operate autonomously for up to three weeks on one set of batteries and is entirely European in design, development and manufacture.


‣ State-of-the-art digital technology
‣ Certified EU telecoms compliant
‣ Compact and lightweight• No external aerial
‣ Interference-free 200m range
‣ European manufactured
‣ Intelligent auto-pairing
‣ Patented proprietary technology
‣ Secured 99 channels
‣ Ultra long battery life with auto-save

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Vox Cleartone

Vox is the acknowledged travel industry leader in tour guide systems. Our lightweight Cleartone devices are incredibly simple to use and are perfect for group guiding of any type – it is literally switch on and enjoy. Cleartone devices are unrivalled in their quality, battery life and range, and deliver reliable pairing, always.

With the aid of media, your customers can enjoy radio, tv, music, or any other audio source during their moments of relaxation.


‣ Crystal clear audio quality
‣ Unbeatable range and 40 hour continuous usage
‣ Reliable pairing every time
‣ Multi-channel streaming
‣ On demand long-term and short term rentals
‣ Free worldwide shipping
‣ Guaranteed on-time logistics
‣ 24/7 customer care
‣ Eco sustainable and recyclable cases with reusable handles

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Vox 360 uses a unique optical-reader that triggers high-quality audio commentary from a graphite underlay on specially treated cards. It can also be used as a standard tour guide radio device.

Vox 360 has been selected as an official St Peter Basilica device, where it is used with satisfaction by more than 10 million people from all around the globe.

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Vox Connect

Vox Connect is a state-of-the-art app that harnesses wireless technology to connect the smartphones of tour guides and their groups. It is simple to set up and use and delivers crystal-clear communication with low latency. Moreover, by using their personal devices and earphones group members can socially distance with ease.

With Vox Connect, touring becomes even more of a pleasure as this unique technology allows guests to message their guide, and receive images and information sheets, to enhance their experience.

Long-distance streaming will allow a tour in Italy to be listened to in New York, or a guest relaxing at their hotel to virtually join their group at the Eiffel Tower.

How it works

The Vox Connect app is a free download. It turns the smartphone of a guide into a transmitter and the visitor’s phone into a receiver, which then connect wirelessly over mobile internet, venue Wi-Fi or Vox Box, our portable Wi-Fi device (see below).

After creating a Vox account you can choose between daily, long and seasonal rental. Simply  share your channel codes with guests and begin your tours. It couldn’t be easier!


‣ Crystal clear communication
‣ Low latency reception
‣ Reliable connectivity over mobile networks or Wi-Fi
‣ Long distance streaming over Internet
‣ Speakers can receive messages and send files
‣ Password function prevents unauthorised access
‣ No extra hardware required
‣ Portable Wi-Fi units available
‣ Spare guest earphones available


‣ Simple to use with minimal set-up
‣ Facilitates easy social distancing
‣ A future-proofed solution with no capital costs
‣ Crystal clear commentary
‣ No handing out or collecting equipment
‣ No recharging or cleaning of devices
‣ Minimal data use or completely free over Wi-Fi
‣ Compatibile with all Android and iOS devices
‣ Instant pairing and no blue tooth issues
‣ Immersive user experience

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VoxBox is a compact portable Wi-Fi unit and app for group guiding, used to connect guests’ smartphones to their guide. It features a comfortable shoulder strap and comprises a 10-hour battery, CPU, Wi-Fi router, channel selector and bespoke sound system. Guides can connect directly to guest cell phones using either Vox Connect or the dedicated VoxBox App.

A great attribute is that VoxBox does not use data, as it does nor require any kind of Internet connection, and has fail safe connectivity with low-latency for a large group of concurrent users.

VoxBox has USB charging and can be instantly muted. A SIM card for long distance login and streaming will be available by mid 2022.

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In-ear earphones

Vox in-ear earphones are sealed and supplied individually. They are made from high quality materials and are reusable but, for hygiene reasons, they remain the property of each the guest after use. The design is aesthetically pleasing and conforms to the latest hi-fi functionality.

AM1 earphones @

For all guests with hearing difficulties who are unable to use our standard in-ear earpiece, which must be worn by being inserted within the ear. We supply this special earpiece which stays outside the ear and can be used by anyone who normally uses a hearing aid.

Vox Standard Case

‣ Manageable: compact dimensions, weighs less than 2 kg.
‣ Resistant: the contents of the case are protected by a special covering to prevent damage caused by any impact during transport and all any external moisture or liquid that could cause malfunctioning of the devices contained inside.
‣ Tidy: contains up to a maximum of 60 radioguides, with adequate space for the transmitter with microphone, earpieces and other essential equipment.
‣ Recognisable: thanks to their colour and our logo, our cases are easily recognisable. For the majority of long-rent services, our personnel (or courier) delivers the case directly to the reception of the first hotel where the group is staying.

For the group leader it is always very easy to find his own radioguides at the reception as their details are printed on the plastic cover which protects the case during delivery.

Vox Eco-friendly Cases

Vox takes the environment seriously and strives to conduct business in a socially responsible manner. This is why we are annually increasing the number of eco-sustainable cases with reusable handles, available for our clients.

Charging Station

‣ Efficient: fully charges batteries in only 4 hours.
Intelligent: once the radioguides are fully charged, the station automatically switches off.
‣ Compact: each station, provided with socket and plug, has two slots allowing two devices to be charged at the same time.


‣ Practical: clip-on application, small sized and lightweight so they are comfortable to be worn for the entire duration of the tour.
‣ Omnidirectional: allows free movement of the speaker during use without adversely affecting the reception quality of the sound.

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