Vox City operates a range of digital, self-guided and hybrid products, including Vox City Walks, Vox City Guide, Vox Unmissable Visits and Vox City Views.

Vox City Walks

The fastest growing franchise opportunity in the tours and activities sector

Born in 2020, Vox City Walks is a unique sightseeing concept and is operated locally by an exclusive partner. Customers join and leave guided walking tours at their leisure, using our advanced mobile app to locate their nearest tour guide and view departure times. The 24hr, 48hr and 72hr passes further offer customers unlimited access to a range of self-guided sightseeing features.

Why should you become one of our exclusive operating partners?

  1. Be part of the fastest growing franchise opportunity in the sector
  2. Operate and offer a new and unique sightseeing experience to your guests
  3. Proven low-cost high-return opportunity for virtually no risk
  4. Receive distribution, branding, marketing and sales support from HQ
  5. Benefit from extensive online distribution managed by industry experts

Find more information about partnering for Vox City Walks here.

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Vox City Guide

Digital city tours showcasing the world’s most famous destinations

Vox City Guides are digital self-guided tours, showcasing a city’s most famous landmarks and attractions. With over 100 points of interest, suggested walking itineraries, multilingual audio commentary and photo hotspots, they are the perfect sightseeing solution for independent travellers.

Why work with us for Guides?

  1. Add our tour to your product/service and enhance your customer experience
  2. Drive brand loyalty and customer retention
  3. Distribute our tours and benefit from competitive commission rates
  4. Cater for a multitude of clients with multilingual audio and written commentary
  5. Offer a high-quality product that is perfect for post-pandemic recovery

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Vox City Unmissable Visits

Digital tours showcasing museums, attractions and galleries

Vox City Unmissable Visits are self-guided experiences of the world’s most famous attractions, museums and galleries. Using their own mobile device, guests can discover the must-see masterpieces that each venue has to offer, with a 3D style map and high-quality audio commentary.

Why work with us for Unmissable Visits?

  1. Include within your product or service and offer extra value to your guests
  2. Increase revenue by using the Visits as an upsell to a standard entry ticket
  3. Reduce queues waiting for physical devices or headsets inside your venue
  4. Distribute our Visits and benefit from competitive commission rates
  5. Avoid secondary ticketing and booking fees. Strengthen your product offer and hide your commission costs.
  6. Interested in our Vox City Unmissable Visits? Enquire today.

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Vox City Views

Digital tours showcasing views from observation decks & viewpoints

Vox City Views are immersive app-based tours showcasing the city from an observation deck or viewpoint. Guests use their mobile device to access the experience which transforms a static vista into an interactive one, whilst sharing audio commentary about the most famous sights which can be identified from each viewpoint.

Why work with us for Views?

  1. Custom-built specifically for your venue, means they offer an incredibly realistic view
  2. We take care of the set-up, offering you a ready-to-use product
  3. Offer extra value to your guests and enhance their experience at your venue
  4. Affordable and competitive pricing models are available to suit your business
  5. Generate an extra revenue stream and help increase your ticket profit margin

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