Vox2Go is a low-cost 4G solution offering long-lease Android smartphones, that are customised with state-of-the-art destination and tour management software that runs complementary to any in-house applications you wish to install.

Touring & Cruising

Stay Connected. Without Limits.

Vox2Go (V2G) offers a unique communications solution for calls, data and destination management for tour and cruise Operators and their guests. The package combines customised Android smartphones with a bespoke V2G user interface, pre-loaded with state-of-the-art destination and tour management software.

Free calls and data. Never get lost.

The package allows customers to make unlimited national and international phone calls, browse the web at 4G speed without data limits and stay connected to their TD throughout their tour. What’s more, they can follow their itinerary on interactive country and city maps and enjoy weather, translation and currency apps at any time.

Photo by Gavin Whitner

Push notifications.

For an operational perspective, V2G works on and off the coach or ship. It allows personalised individual or group SMS and push notifications from TDs, and keeps your team connected to guests throughout their vacation.

Confidence and peace of mind

The destination software within the smartphone is based on our state-of-the-art POPGuide system and it will give your guests complete confidence and peace of mind, both on and off the organised itinerary. The device is geo-tagged, so your guests will never get lost, while navigable personal drop-pins defining hotels, pick-up points and favourite places, mean they’ll be on time for every departure.

Powerful features

When guests use POPGuide functionality, they’ll quickly discover its simple but powerful features. We can pre-load your itinerary, over-night stops, points of interest, optional or included excursions, independent or free-time options and website links. There is also a ‘Star-Points’ facility to help travellers find their way to venues or sponsors you choose to feature as business partners. These can be displayed as specific icons appropriate for the service type. There is even high-quality, multi-language, auto-play audio commentary if you wish.

Advanced offline navigation

V2G navigation operates by foot or vehicle, so you can add walking and cycling routes, or special interest itineraries and excursions. What’s more, guiding operates off-line, so communication blackspots or intermittent signals need never concern the user.

Communication and trends

A further benefit is rich data and trend reports on customer activities, such as most popular places visited, guest preferences and in-app activities throughout their tour, to help you plan better for the future. The system also provides an opportunity for the promotion of ancillary services and commercial partners through pop-ups and SMS. And it collects valuable data and detailed statistics of guest movements while using the app.

Future proofed

V2G is future proofed too. Not only are there no upfront costs for hardware, but V2G software is frequently updated with new technology and pipeline features.

Lowest cost solution

V2G is simple to set up and easy to use. It costs less than average coach or ship Wi-Fi solutions and offers a far superior service.

V2G will wow your guests, keep your product positioned at the very heart of their overall vacation experience and create an unbeatable competitive edge.