Vox VDR uses next-generation patented technology, brilliantly engineered into a compact, light and sleek design.

Vox VDR is designed and certified to operate 99 simultaneous transmissions exclusively on the 1.9 Ghz bandwidth, far from the crowded 2.4 Ghz band used by others. This advantage guarantees an unbeatably long transmission range and interference-free reception up to 200 meters.

Moreover, Vox VDR is the only device to feature intelligent patented auto-pairing, facilitating instant connection whenever the user is within range of the guide’s transmitter.

Vox VDR can operate autonomously for up to three weeks on one set of batteries and is entirely European in design, development and manufacture.


‣ State-of-the-art digital technology
‣ Certified EU telecoms compliant
‣ Compact and lightweight• No external aerial
‣ Interference-free 200m range
‣ European manufactured
‣ Intelligent auto-pairing
‣ Patented proprietary technology
‣ Secured 99 channels
‣ Ultra long battery life with auto-save

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