Vox City Guide is the perfect consumer ready city guide for exploring every destination. It’s a multi-language, city-mapping, and self-guided sightseeing experience, with audio commentary and stories from local experts. Visitors will enjoy personal insights to hundreds of points of interest, local attractions and hidden gems. Vox City Guides allows personal pins, so customers never get lost, and it gives advice on the best photo locations and Wi-Fi hotspots. Advanced navigation includes routes by public transport and walking tours, and it works offline, which means no roaming charges for your client.


  • Get familiar with hundreds of famous sights
  • Travel on the best bus, tram and river routes
  • Hop-on/hop-off with complete flexibility
  • Enjoy walking itineraries anytime
  • Learn fascinating stories from local experts
  • Never miss a thing with auto-play function
  • Create your own personal points of interest
  • Avoid roaming with offline functionality
  • Always geo-located so you'll never get lost
  • Find the best photo locations & free WiFi hotspots

If you include Vox City with bookings then you’ll add value to all your business; if you sell it separately then you can earn substantial commission. Either way, you’ll enhance your client’s independent travel experience, drive brand loyalty and enjoy a significant advantage over competitors.


Vox City Unmissable Visits is our supplementary series of independent audio guides with which to quickly and conveniently explore famous museums, galleries and venues. We pinpoint the 10 to 15 ‘must-see’ masterpieces in each selected venue on a unique 3D style floor-by-floor plan. These exhibits are identified by specific icons to make it easy for you to locate them once inside the building. High-quality audio recordings explain each work of art, in your choice of six languages. You get fascinating stories from local experts that are rich in history and anecdotes, and at the same time avoid long lines of people waiting to collect or return physical audio-guides.


  • Visit world-renowned museums and galleries like the Louvre, Uffizi, National Gallery, Colosseum and Vatican Museums.
  • Go directly to the 10-15 unmissable artworks.
  • Zoomable 3D style map with icons to guide you to the masterpieces.
  • Start your private visit from wherever you want.
  • Get high quality audio in your own language.
  • Hear fascinating stories from local historians and art experts.
  • Operates offline so no expensive roaming charges.
  • Avoids queuing for physical devices at your chosen venue
  • Keep the memory of the world's best artworks as a souvenir.

For all Vox City products, the traveller simply installs the Vox City app from their app store and uses the QR code you forward to download the contents in the language of their choice – nothing could be simpler!

Vox City is also available for custom branding and access to data and trend information

Click to listen to sample audio tracks The Punishment of the Profaner (Florence)
Click to listen to sample audio tracks Palace of Justice (Rome)

What is Vox City?

Vox City is a portfolio of self-guided and guided, multilingual, sightseeing experiences, comprising Vox City Walks, Vox City Unmissable Visits, Vox City Guides, and Vox City Views. The Vox City app provides the means for users to enjoy captivating storytelling and geo-tagged multimedia audio guiding, with interactive mapping, smart navigation, and personal pins.

Vox City Destinations

Current cities available: Amsterdam, Assisi, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Brisbane, Budapest, Cartagena, Cusco, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpar, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lima, London, Lyon, Oslo, Oxford, Madrid, Malaga, Malta, Milan, New York, Niagra Falls, Nice, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Phoenix, Porto, Prague, Quito, Ravenna & San Marino, Riccione, Rimini, Rome, San Francisco, Seville, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Valencia, Venice, Verona & Garda, Vienna, Yerevan.

Current Unmissable Visits available: Accademia, British Museum, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Casa Batlló, Castel St Angelo, Colosseum, Dam Square, Doges Palace, Esplanade,  Eiffel Tower, Florence Duomo, Holocaust Memorial, Louvre, Last Supper, Leonardo’s Vineyard, London Eye, Milan Duomo, Musee D’Orsay, National Gallery, Notre Dame, Pantheon, Parc Guell, Pompei, Prado Museum, Roman Forum, Roman Palatine, Sagrada Familia, San Marco, Santa Croce, Sforza Castle, Statue of Liberty, St Peter’s Basilica, Uffizi Museum, Vatican Museums, Westminster Abbey.

Coming soon: Bangkok, Boston, Cologne, Chicago, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Liverpool, Manchester, Munich, Melbourne, New Orleans, Oberammergau, Perth, Philadelphia, Rothenburg, Sydney, Washington.

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