Long rent

Available anywhere in the world, the Long Rent formula gives Vox clients the benefits of the Vox system for the whole trip at the most competitive rate.

Assistance with at any stage of the booking and payment process is included. 24/7 emergency assistance is available during the service.

A high quality of sound, high standard of comfort and simplicity of use are the main attributes of our products.

Vox for business

Vox for Business guarantees premium quality results during any event, visit, tour congress, both indoors and outdoors.

Below is a small selection of the types of events which have been improved thanks to our equipment.

  • Poster tours and hybrid events
  • Congresses
  • Factory tours and events
  • Theatre shows
  • Lectures
  • University tours
  • Silent Disco events
  • And much more...

Contact us for a quote, we will exceed your expectations.

Conference organizers

The Vox system for meetings has even reached a standard of excellence in the PCO sector. Based on wireless technology, it guarantees premium quality results.

  • Interpretation of up to 8 different languages at the same time.
  • Completely wireless system enabling the installation of every kind of complementary tool (e.g. booths, audio recording devices, etc.).
  • Perform translation and interpreting even outdoors – e.g combining the translation with a visit – thanks to the 200m operation range of our devices.
  • Have peace of mind, secure in the knowledge we can provide techincal assistance on site for the whole event.
Seasonal rent

A seasonal rent is the perfect solution for visits of museums, castles and places of worship. The seasonal rent of Vox Tour-Guide-System offers multiple advantages:

  • More competitive rental fees than Ad-hoc rental.
  • Standard and Extra Maintenance on the equipment is included.
  • Damage to / Loss of 10% of the total devices rented will not be charged.
  • Extra equipment will be provided at the same time as the initial rental will be provided to cover any future eventuality.

The seasonal rent can be integrated with Vox digital solutions to reach a wider scope of clients and diversify cultural offer with the following advantages:

  • Cutting edge products and services.
  • Real time updates.
  • No logisitcs or mainanance costs.
  • Set up assistance and backend support is included.

Vox Digital solutions contents can be customised upon request, please contact us to receive a quotation without charge.

River & sea cruises

Vox River, Sea & Ocean Cruise service, tested for over 10 seasons, is the chosen formula of many of the most renowned cruise companies of the world.

  • Quantity of receivers requested + 10% extra for free (in case you need them as back-up).
  • Quantity of transmitters (with clip microphone included) you'll need + spare transmitter (in case you need one as a back-up)
  • All devices will include rechargeable batteries.
  • One single charging station (each station may charge 2 devices simultaneously) in each cabin of your ship or alternatively we can set up all charging station in a dedicated space (e.g. usually near the reception) depending on your management preferences.
  • 24/7 assistance with technical support is included.
  • Delivery/collection to/from your ship (installation of charging stations included).

In 2001 we revolutionised group tours and visits by pioneering a rental service of our Tour Guide Systems, of which we are today world leaders.

Premium quality and wide range of selection
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In-ear earphones

Ever since Vox started trading, Vox has always used disposable earpieces, for maximum hygienic safety of all our clients. In fact, all our single-use earpieces, aesthetically and functionally conform to the latest hi-fi technologies. They are sealed and supplied individually and are left with the clients as souvenirs that can be reused at home.

AM1 earphones@

For all guests with hearing difficulties who are unable to use our standard in-ear earpiece, which must be worn by being inserted within the ear. We supply this special earpiece which stays outside the ear and can be used by anyone who normally uses a hearing aid.

Vox standard case

  • Manageable: compact dimensions, weighs less than 2 kg.
  • Resistant: the contents of the case are protected by a special covering to prevent damage caused by any impact during transport and all any external moisture or liquid that could cause malfunctioning of the devices contained inside.
  • Tidy: contains up to a maximum of 60 radioguides, with adequate space for the transmitter with microphone, earpieces and other essential equipment.
  • Recognizable: thanks to their colour and our logo, our cases are easily recognizable. For the majority of long-rent services, our personnel (or courier) delivers the case directly to the reception of the first hotel where the group is staying. For the group leader it is always very easy to find his own radioguides at the reception as their details are printed on the plastic cover which protects the case during delivery.


  • Lightweight: weighs less than 0.5 Kg, despite this it is very resistant and convenient to transport during the tour.
  • Waterproof: resistant to rain, the material contained inside runs no risk of being damaged.

Vox EVA case

  • Innovative: the latest alternative to hard and soft cases – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).
  • Hard-wearing: EVA cases offer better protection for the contents of the case. Lightweight (weighs less and 1.5 kg), yet sturdy, these cases look great while protecting what’s inside. Resistant to oils, chemicals, stains, molds and germs, non-toxic, Phthalate and PVC free, the cases are strong, hygienic and stylish.
  • Practical: durable and lightweight while containing up to 60 radioguides, leaving the space necessary for the transmitter with microphone, earpieces and possible additional supplies.
  • Distinctive: similar to laptop bag but easier to recognise thanks to its colour and Vox logo. For the majority of long-rent services, our personnel (or courier) delivers the material directly to the reception of the first hotel where the group is staying. For the group leader it is always very easy to find his own radioguides at the reception.

Charging Station

  • Efficient: fully charges batteries in only 4 hours.
  • Intelligent: once the radioguides are fully charged, the station automatically switches off.
  • Compact: each station, provided with socket and plug, has two slots allowing two devices to be charged at the same time.


  • Practical: clip-on application, small sized and lightweight so they are comfortable to be worn for the entire duration of the tour.
  • Omnidirectional: allows free movement of the speaker during use without adversely affecting the reception quality of the sound.

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