Touring, river cruise and ocean line operators often have complex itineraries, with multiple overnights and varying group sizes. In any one day, they may feature multiple drop-offs, city tours, venue visits and various dining or entertainment options. As cities and points of interest become more crowded and restricted, it is harder for guests to feel relax and enjoy their visit.

Vox Tour Guide Systems change things. Our radio-guides are the best in the business and guests will feel relaxed because they can listen to their local expert’s commentary while wandering at will.

Vox POPGuide smartphone applications, with offline navigable mapping and your branded contents, ensure guests can personalise their experience, plot pick-up points and enjoy your suggestions to get away from the crowds in free time.

Vox Connect is intelligent smartphone guiding for groups. It is a state-of-the-art app that harnesses wireless technology to connect the smartphones of tour guides and their groups.

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