Sycomore is our specialist brand for culture and heritage, with 30 years experience in providing bespoke solutions for institution and museums. Our interpretation directors deliver interactivity and innovation alongside the highest quality, multilingual audio, video and graphic content.

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Now is the time to plan your next cultural interpretation

Our Vox Sycomore brand provides interactive visits using smart digital guides and multimedia productions for cultural institutions all around the world. Quality content production is the heart of Sycomore activity and is the key to a successful visitor experience. Our commentaries and equipment enable visitors to widen their knowledge and connect with the exhibits on show. The current coronavirus slowdown is a great time to plan your next project or upgrade, so reach out to us now to find out how we will invest in your future by creating new and captivating productions.

Sycomore has a long-held passion for making culture more accessible to the public. It started its activity in 1986, supplying audio-guide solutions for the occasion of the famous exhibition “Les Immatériaux” which was held at the Center George Pompidou, in Paris. Today, the business is a global leader in audio-visual technical solutions that allow visitors to deepen their knowledge and get the most from every visit.

Let’s use the opportunity of the interruption in travel to improve accessibility, introduce new technology and create new and relevant, multilingual content for children, adults and the visually and hearing impaired. Beyond this we can improve the profitability of your site and help you benefit from additional services linked to your host city and surroundings.

Consultation – The power of Collaboration

Central to the success of every project is the partnership between Sycomore and our clients. From the outset of the relationship, we work closely with you to establish your goals, understand your visitor aspirations and technological requirements. We continue to collaborate throughout the life of the project - from script and voice approval to interface design, allowing us all to maintain the direction and key objectives as set out at the very beginning of the partnership. This close collaboration ensures that the final product truly brings your site and stories to life, delighting your visitors and guaranteeing an experience to remember!

Curation – Storytelling is King

The power of content lies in the strength of its storytelling. Our expertise and extensive experience means that we are able to create memorable experiences in any style and for every audience. From narrator-led experiences to multi-character driven drama, informal interviews, poetry trails and evocative soundscapes rich in music and sound effects; our creative team has the passion and experience to deliver the best content for your audience. Once the tour is complete, our professional linguists will translate the experience into any language you may require, using our international network of professional linguists.

Creation – Producing for Results

No matter the technological solution, audio lives at the heart of every production. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work: from the variety and professionalism of our voices and the immersive nature of our sound design to the dedication and care of our studio engineers and the extensive QA performed before delivery. We produce your content in an easily accessible format that can be used on any platform. Our passionate and dedicated team will ensure the final production truly brings your stories to life, providing your visitors an unforgettable experience.

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