Webview streaming for seamless integration with b2b partner applications

How we work with you

Now you can seamlessly integrate POPGuide inside your own app using WebView. This technique allows your customers to enjoy our ‘Unmissable Visits’ and ‘Self-Guided Walking Tours’, streamed from our servers, from within your own technology.

‘Unmissable Visits’ are beautifully compiled self-guided experiences in which users get to explore in-depth around the most important areas of their destination city, as well as enjoying the must-see masterpieces of famous cultural institutions and galleries. Examples include Covent Garden, the National Gallery and Westminster Abbey in London; and Piazza Navona, the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome. Artefacts, exhibits, buildings and sights are identified on a unique simulated 3D map.

‘Self-Guide Walking Tours’ are uniquely created for your business, bringing visitors to the sights you wish them to see. These can also include areas of the city away from the bus routes and are unrestricted by numbers, times, dates or seasonality. Sights are all geo-tagged on navigable mapping, so your guests never get lost.

In all cases, your customers will enjoy high-quality audio commentary from local experts, told, in the user’s choice of language, through stories and anecdotes that are rich in culture, history local life.

  • Easily explore the unmissable highlights of great museums, galleries, squares and city quarters like Covent Garden, the Louvre, Colosseum and Vatican.
  • Appreciate their 10-15 greatest sights, using the easy 3D style map and icons to guide you.
  • Enjoy unlimited self-guided walking tours of the city’s most famous sights, each tailored for your brand.
  • Get high quality audio in your own language.
  • Hear fascinating stories from local experts.
  • Keep the world’s best artworks as a souvenir.
  • No long lines for hardware rental.
  • Streaming operation - ensures always latest data.
  • Use within any Android or iOS app.
  • WebView allows operation from inside your app.

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