Our POPGuide smartphone software is a cost-effective, branded value-add for every booking that will return data and analysis of your clients’ travels. This app will increase your competitiveness while ensuring you connect with customers throughout their trip, building loyalty and improving ratings. You are already the superstar of the booking, now you can be the hero of their destination too.

POPGuide is a state-of-the-art custom branded app bringing a range of destination mapping and information services to your clients. It allows you to communicate with your customers from the time they make their reservation, through to the end of their visit, and even when they share their experiences back home.

POPGuide is the ideal tool for tour and cruise operators, accommodation, museums and MICE sectors to stay connected with clients through personalised content, high quality audio, itineraries, offline navigation and promotions, while at the same time consolidating brand recognition and loyalty.

It can be implemented as a complement to existing apps, or act as a standalone solution.

We will also add Star Points to help travellers find selected venues or sponsors you have chosen as business partners.

We offer a high level of support for content, language production, and setup. The system is completely future-proofed and you receive data and trend reports on customer activities for analysis and planning.

Guests’ overall safety will increase and their experiences will be enriched. Your company will be the hero of their visit or vacation.

How POPGuide works

  • Concept to delivery in 8 weeks.
  • Included or sold with every booking.
  • Full-service package, no setup costs.
  • No charge for custom branded contents.
  • Multi-language capability to your specification.
  • Application based so no hardware needed.
  • Simple download with every booking.
  • 24/7 virtual support and maintenance.
  • Low cost net prices or high commission earnings.

Travel Agency benefits

  • Cost-effectively connect with clients during their trip.
  • Add high perceived value to every booking.
  • Highlight itinerary activities, hotels and pick-up points.
  • Generate revenue from optional in-app marketplace.
  • Boost your online customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Build loyalty and increase competitivity.
  • Get rich data on traveller behaviour and activity trends.
  • Drive UGC via links to social media and review platforms.

Client benefits

  • Their personalised guide to destination city.
  • Security of geo-located pick-up points and hotels.
  • Your insider knowledge and activity suggestions.
  • Offline navigation so no roaming charges or 4G blackspots.
  • Never get lost with maps and guidance of over 600 cities.
  • Easy to use with a choice of languages.
  • Simple to purchase options for local activities.
  • Take home audio and rich contents as souvenir.

Data collection from POPGuide

POPGuide can provide rich trend data on customer movements, from visited points of interest to sponsor ranking, through to detailed heat maps of usage and activity. All this can be sub-divided by language, time of day, and other cross references.

This graph shows the most visited sites through number of users who have been geolocated within a radius of 250 meters from the specific point of interest.

The maps indicate in which places the App containing the points of interest of the city of Rome has been used.

The new intelligent QR code (iQR) provides a simple download process

Interested in our POPGuide Travel Agencies & OTAs? Enquire today.

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