Now is a good time to adopt POPGuide. Customers today are seeking a higher degree of personalisation than in the past and will actively select products that help them engage in local activities away from the crowds. They may love the idea of viewing the city from a high-deck bus platform, but they also want to get down in the street to explore at their own pace, and in their own way. Meanwhile, municipalities are further restricting buses and tourist vehicles in city centres and limiting bus stops near the main sights. It’s a double whammy.

Create an interior visit

Our interior visits within POPGuide are called Unmissable visits. These are beautifully compiled, in-depth experiences in which users get to self-guide around the most important areas of their destination city, as well as enjoying the must-see masterpieces of famous cultural institutions and galleries. Examples include Covent Garden, the National Gallery and Westminster Abbey in London; and Piazza Navona, the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome. Artefacts, exhibits, buildings and sights are identified on a unique simulated 3D map.

Include your self-guided walking tours

These are created uniquely for your business, bringing visitors to the sights you wish them to see. Trails can include areas of the city away from the bus routes and are unrestricted by numbers, times, dates or seasonality. Sights are all geo-tagged for autoplay and navigable mapping, so your guests never get lost.

How POPGuide works

  • Operates on customer’s own smartphone.
  • We handle all content and setup
  • No hardware costs or software development.
  • Branded with your colours and logo.
  • Simple QR code or alphanumeric activation.
  • Included in bus tour ticket prices.
  • One-time download allows off-line operation.
  • Done! Guests can use throughout their stay.

Sightseeing benefits

  • Introduce a compelling and competitive value-add to your business
  • Maximise sales of core HoHo product by using walking tours to encourage passengers to get off the bus at places that suit your business.
  • Alleviate 'pinch-points' with strategically designed trails that route waiting guests to less busy stops to occupy their time.
  • Keep your business connected to the guest even while they are off the 'bus circuit'.
  • Offer city content in areas where buses are banned.
  • Create a strong appeal to multi-language customers.
  • Meet traveller demand for personalisation.
  • Get rich trend data and heatmaps of passenger activity gathered from app usage throughout their entire stay in the city.
  • Add advertising ‘Star Points’ to support your stakeholders and chosen business partners.

Data collection from POPGuide

POPGuide can provide rich trend data on customer movements, from visited points of interest to sponsor ranking, through to detailed heat maps of usage and activity. All this can be sub-divided by language, time of day, and other cross references.

This graph shows the most visited sites through number of users who have been geolocated within a radius of 250 meters from the specific point of interest.

The maps indicate in which places the App containing the points of interest of the city of Rome has been used.

The new intelligent QR code (iQR) provides a simple download process

Interested in our POPGuide Sightseeing & Attractions? Enquire today.

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