Our talented people come from all walks of life but without exception, feel driven to make a difference. We continually challenge, disrupt, and question industry norms so open-up great opportunities for our partners at every corner. We started that way and it remains our mission to continue to do so.

Elio Epifani is the founder and President of the highly successful Vox Group, incorporating various subsidiary companies around the world. He is a passionate entrepreneur in the tourism and services field, having developed and created a number of blockbuster B2B and B2B2C products and services since 2001. His business acumen has driven record year-by-year growth and rapid expansion into new markets and ventures.

LinkedIn | Elio Epifani

Fabio Primerano graduated in engineering and thrives on technology. In 2014 he revolutionized Vox’s position in the travel industry by introducing innovative technological management systems and products. Today, Fabio is CEO of Vox S.p.A, and is spring-boarding the company from acknowledged world’s leading provider of audio guide systems, to also be the leader in digital tourism solutions, in the travel industry.

LinkedIn | Fabio Primerano

John Boulding is the highly motivated, experienced and passionate CMO of Vox S.p.A. He is an expert in innovation, branding and change management. John is an inspiring communicator and business strategist, with extensive tourism product and operations knowledge and a robust background of business administration in both private and public companies.

LinkedIn | John Boulding

Technology is Francesco’s passion. He skilfully contributes to the growth of the company with his input into projects ranging from operations to strategic marketing and sales activities.

LinkedIn | Francesco Epifani

Enrico is responsible for the overall management of strategic, operational and Customer Relationship activities. He is highly experienced and specialised in competitive offerings, prospect needs and penetrating new markets. His savvy style is highly effective in driving the Company`s ambitious growth.

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