Cost effective solutions to kick-start your recovery

These days of living with Covid19 are extremely challenging and are impacting the entire travel industry; but this time represents a window of opportunity in which to prepare for the inevitable recovery. The rebound when it comes will almost certainly be led by domestic travel, then FITs as they take advantage of cheap air deals. The early majority and groups will follow and be further boosted by pent-up demand. One thing is certain, travellers will be thinking differently about how they travel and what they want from their experiences. Our tools will give you rich data on new consumer behaviour, are inexpensive and require no upfront investment. They will be personalised for your business and will meet the aspirational needs of consumers for individuality.

Partner with Vox now and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Changing behaviour

The desire for personally tailored experiences and encounters away from the crowds will be the new drivers of customer behaviour. It will be essential for you to provide customers with opportunities to do-their-own-thing, helping them to engage with their destination and the local people, while enjoying flexibility and a sense of freedom. Vacationers will shun perceived over-organisation and over-tourism, instead turning to travel options that closely synchronise with their individual ambitions, dreams, and specific needs.

Tailormade for you

Vox has long invested in creating bespoke sightseeing experiences and has a vast library of multilingual audio content and storytelling. What’s more, we have the capability and skills to build out an entirely new destination, complex venue or sightseeing programme in less than eight weeks. These products can be seamlessly integrated into your destinations or packages under your own brand and delivered to your customers via their own smartphones.

Our ‘POPGuide’ and ‘Vox City’ native apps, and our white label options, are perfect for packaging our new sightseeing experiences with every type of tourism product. Our ‘POPGuide WebView’ service offers audio, mapping and venue content visuals streamed through WebView capability, within your own app.

Benefits include:

  • Destinations organisations can look to Vox to help manage tourism flows, get rich data and trend analysis and better deal with local-guiding peaks and troughs.
  • Sightseeing and excursion companies can add extra languages, offer ‘unmissable visits’ off the bus routes and make more profits from improved load factors.
  • Museums, galleries and venues can attract more international visitors, improve dwell time and reduce lines.
  • OTAs, retail and service companies can value-add commodities with audio to increase margins and differentiate their line-up.

Stay ahead of the competition

Whatever your sector, the secret is in changing the mix. If you use Vox application technology to complement your products you will be ahead of the game in marketing and operations. Whether you are a DMO, an OTA, a tour operator, a venue or an attraction, we will quickly and simply help you create bespoke products under your name. Now is the time to work together to wow your customers, visitors or guests and help you make a strong recovery.

We’ll invest in you, work with you, train you and support you all the way.

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The perfect time to plan your next cultural interpretation

Our Sycomore brand provides smart digital guides and multimedia productions for cultural institutions all around the world. Quality content production is the heart of Sycomore activity and is the key to a successful visitor experience. Our commentaries and equipment enable visitors to widen their knowledge and connect with the exhibits on show. The current coronavirus slowdown is a great time to plan your next project or upgrade, so reach out to us now to find out how we will invest in your future by creating new and captivating productions.

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Sycomore has a long-held passion for making culture more accessible to the public. We started our activity in 1986, supplying audio-guide solutions for the occasion of the famous exhibition “Les Immatériaux” which was held at the Center George Pompidou, in Paris. Today, the business is a global leader in audio-visual technical solutions that allow visitors to deepen their knowledge and get the most from every visit.

Let’s use the opportunity of the interruption in travel to improve accessibility, introduce new technology and create new and relevant, multilingual content for children, adults and the visually and hearing impaired. Beyond this we can improve the profitability of your site and help you benefit from additional services linked to your host city and surroundings.

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