Vox Connect

Professional smartphone guiding for groups

Vox-Connect-1 Vox-Connect-2
Instant QR scan activates guests’ phones
Crystal clear audio over GSM or Wi-Fi
Unlimited transmission/reception range
No extra hardware required
Integrated messaging and live polls
Multilingual commentary options

Vox Connect is a powerful guiding tool that empowers tour guides to connect instantly and wirelessly with group members, delivering live audio commentary directly to their smartphones, without the need of apps or downloads. Think lightning-fast connections, barely-there latency, and smooth operation at all times.

Our revolutionary LinguaLink upgrade for Vox Connect allows guides to broadcast related recorded commentary in 10 or more languages simultaneously, all while delivering live narration in their primary language. This transformative feature enables tour operators to accommodate multiple languages on the same tour, without the need for additional multilingual live guides.

In certain scenarios, tours can even be facilitated by an escort rather than a seasoned guide, as the main language commentary can also be shared as a recorded broadcast along with other recorded languages. Providing an engaging, multi-lingual guided tour experience has never been as straightforward as it is with LinguaLink from Vox Connect.