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Retailers know that personalisation in travel is the new frontier. Online or
offline doesn’t matter, it’s essential. Holidaymakers increasingly crave
experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people,
while enjoying flexibility and freedom.

POPGuide is a highly versatile B2B, intelligent mapping, and audio guiding app. It enables customers of tour and cruise operators, DMOs, DMCs, museums and attractions to create personalized self-guiding itineraries in destinations and venues. It’s a fantastic experience, it’s easy to use, and it connects your brand to the user throughout their stay, day or night.

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Vox City makes sightseeing unforgettable, allowing you to discover destinations in your own way, and at your own pace. It is a B2B2C product for independent travellers visiting major cities. We provide full navigation, audio sightseeing and museum visits in multiple language on the client’s smartphone, and are easy, high commission add-ons to flights or hotels. Our latest addition to this family is the authentic Vox City Walks franchise, a fully scalable and highly profitable, low-risk sustainable opportunity which builds on the current tourism recovery.

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Vox City Walks is a unique, flexible and personal sightseeing adventure, that offers you a way to explore a city like never before.
Hop-on fascinating guided walking tours led by friendly local experts, whose personal knowledge of the city will make your experience unforgettable! You can listen to their commentary in English, or if you prefer you can activate your language choice through the app. Then, whenever you want, you can hop-off and enjoy unlimited, multilingual self-guiding with our innovative technology on your own smartphone.

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