The museums sector includes galleries, places of worship, cultural attractions and heritage centres. A major feature of customer satisfaction in these venues is based on dwell-time and great narrative but the problems are complex: how to deal with multiple languages, availability of qualified guides, cost and reliability of audio equipment and more...

Vox Tour Guide Systems are the perfect solution for group audio guiding, with high quality transmission, long battery life and range and reliable pairing.

POPGuide smartphone application provides independent visitors with high-quality audio and 3D mapping on their own phones.

Vox 360 is hybrid audio guiding with an optical code reader.

Vox Connect allows group audio guiding without hardware costs, uniquely using the visitor and guide own smartphones and connecting over Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

Sycomore offers a range of advanced technological solutions and high quality content creation for highlighting cultural heritage. From classic audio-guides to multimedia smart devices, Sycomore has turnkey solutions to meet your project’s specific needs and delivers interactivity and innovation alongside the highest quality, multi-language audio, video and graphic content.

Venue Management | Tour Guide Systems & Vox Connect | Sycomore | POPGuide

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