For over 20 years, Vox has successfully partnered with some of the leading organisations in tourism and culture around the world. We are experts across all business sectors and continually strive for creativity, innovation and the highest standards.

Group Travel & MICE | Heritage & Culture | Individual Travel

Group Travel & MICE

Group travel operators often have complex itineraries, with multiple overnights and varying group sizes. In any one day, they may feature multiple drop-offs, city tours, venue visits and various dining or entertainment options. As cities and points of interest become more crowded and restricted, it is harder for guests to feel relaxed and enjoy their visit.

Group guiding made easy

Vox guiding devices and smartphone applications allow guests to listen to their local expert’s commentary while wandering at will, and our technology enables navigable mapping with your branded contents. Discover how guests can personalise their experience and enjoy your suggestions on how to get away from the crowds in free time.

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Heritage & Culture

Solutions to captivate, inspire and delight

A major feature of customer satisfaction in heritage, culture and attraction venues is based on dwell-time and great narrative, but the problems are complex: how to deal with multiple languages, availability of qualified guides, cost and reliability of audio equipment and more.

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Individual Travel

Retailers know that personalisation in travel is the new frontier. Online or offline doesn’t matter, it’s essential. Holidaymakers increasingly crave experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people, while enjoying flexibility and freedom.

Sightseeing your way, your pace.

Vox City covers our B2B2C products for independent travellers visiting major cities. They provide full navigation, audio sightseeing and museum visits in multiple language on the client’s smartphone, and are easy, high commission add-ons to flights or hotels. Our latest addition to this family is the authentic Vox City walks franchise, a fully scalable and highly profitable, low-risk sustainable opportunity which builds on the current tourism recovery.

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