Vox on track once again with Harp Racing in Formula X 2019

Travel providers today are fully aware of the increasing trend towards the personalisation of travel experiences. It’s no surprize therefore that we have seen a huge growth in the number of smaller companies offering specialized, off the beaten track vacations, as this long-tail phenomenon increases. Vox has built its reputation on serving these small to medium size businesses over many years offering them the finest level of logistics and customer service as we provide our larger clients. We apply this philosophy to all aspects of our business, which is why we specifically decided to sponsor one of the ‘up and coming’ sporting events in Italy this year, the single-seater motor racing Formula X Italian Series.

The Predator Challenge Championship is the flagship of Formula X Italian Series.  It’s an exciting tournament, made up of 10 races, which take place from April to November in various locations throughout Italy: the competition begins and ends in Varano, where the final race takes place. In 2018 Vox chose to sponsor the new and aggressive PC015 car of the Harp Racing Team. The Championship ended in November 2018 and the Harp team’s pilot Lorenzo Semprini proudly earned the podium with a highly respectable third place. Congratulations to Lorenzo and the Harp Racing Team on this thrilling championship, we are very all very proud of his achievement! Spurred on by this victory we are pleased to be sponsoring the Harp Racing Team for 2019 too, where the race is due to start next month. Good luck to Lorenzo, we will be rooting for you all the way! Go Lorenzo, Go Harp!