Vox Milan helping drive sustainabile tourism.

The new Vox Milan offices are off to a flying start, and the team are making sure that their operational footprint is very eco-friendly. Nearly all their deliveries are made by bicycle, and the majority of their cases are eco-sustainable with reusable handles. Ombretta Rossi who is heading the Milan hub says ‘We take the environment seriously and strive to conduct business in a socially responsible manner’

Vox has multiple initiatives in place to drive sustainability, including partnering with ‘Retake’ in their quest to create cleaner urban areas, and to focus strongly on sustainable tourism.

Vox has always believed that the business should play a pivotal role in caring for our planet’s ecology, cultural heritage and communities, both at home and in the field. We are very conscious of setting an example, so continually seek to expand ways we can support sustainability and conservation.