Vox helps you meet regulatory and health guidelines

As a concerned and responsible business, Vox Group continues to closely monitor developments surrounding the coronavirus (Covid-19). We absolutely prioritize the safety of our business partners, their staff, and their guests.

Health & Safety

Vox standard procedure is to provide brand-new, individually sealed earbuds and microphone sponges for each guide’s and guest’s personal use. Lanyards are washed with antibacterial detergent and all radios and transmitters are disinfected with ethyl alcohol 90°. ‘On-ear’ reusable earpieces (if requested) and packing cases are scrupulously sprayed both inside and outside with antibacterial solution before despatch.

Vox staff

All logistics and delivery staff in our warehouses and distribution centres follow rigorous hygiene rules laid out by the health authorities. Should any staff member come into close contact with anyone suspected or diagnosed with Covid-19 they will be self-quarantined under the direction and care of the health authorities.

Vox Connect – the BYOD option

Another solution for social distancing is ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Vox Connect is the latest cutting-edge application technology from Vox Group. It harnesses the smartphones of guests and guides, instantly transforming them into transmitters and receivers through mobile internet or Wi-Fi and has further benefits in terms of costs and has no logistics requirements.

Our commitment

Vox is committed to ensuring partners can confidently and safely deliver the best and most reliable audio experience to every customer.