Vox’s high profile role in Futouroma tourism planning for Rome.

Futouroma releases its results

The results of the Futouroma Strategic Tourism Plan for Rome 2019-2025 were recently presented at the Nuvola Convention Centre in Rome. Vox Group, along with a carefully selected cadre of influential tourism businesses, including Trenitalia, Mastercard and Air China, was represented on a stand highlighting the prestigious role it has been playing in the city’s tourism planning.

Capitoline defining starategies

In a town hall meeting in June this year, ideas and proposals were voted on by 150 representatives of the Capitoline production chain, which included business owners, public representatives, trade associations, the academic world and non-profit organisations. This is the first time that Roma Municipality is prioritising a shared definition of strategies in its aim to consolidate Rome’s position among the top three destinations in Europe. The goal is to manage the flow of tourists without being merely passive onlookers and to plot how best to use and promote the tourist offer of the capital.

Vox know-how

Vox has been investing heavily in several tools that do just that; specifically POPGuide which can provide rich trend data on movements, detailed heat maps of usage and activity which can be sub-divided by language, time of day, and other cross references. It can cost-effectively manage and create itineraries to manipulate tourist flows, directing people to specific points of interest and away from over-tourism hotspots.

Vox and Rome Municipality sustainability

The Rome Municipality and Vox also share the underlying trait of ensuring that their goals are met in a sustainable, social and environmental manner.

” We have relaunched the present and the future of Rome, rewriting a story to include all operators in the tourism sector, Roman entrepreneurs and universities. ….. FUTOUROMA is the result of the desire to share needs and proposals with the whole production chain, so that Rome and Romans can really benefit from not only sustainable tourism but above all a very high quality tourism offering ” says the mayor Virginia Raggi.