Vox Group CEO Fabio Primerano interviewed on SkyTG24

screenshot of interview

Vox Group CEO Fabio Primerano was sought out by SkyTG24’s Helga Cossu, as an industry expert to give his viewpoint on innovation and action within the travel industry today. During the programme ‘PROGRESS’, one of the questions Fabio was asked was his perspective on the timeframe for the recovery period in 2021 for the travel sector. He was able to give a very realistic perspective on this due to both his vast knowledge of this sector and the results of a recent survey amongst Vox partners, which asked them their forecast for the recovery period for 2021. Fabio also described how Vox has been working hard on projects promoting destinations and the tourism industry, through the use of Vox technological tools, even, and especially, throughout these challenging times. You can watch the complete interview here.