Vox Connect free trials are doubled to 3,000!


Tour guide using Vox Connect

Vox Group has today doubled its offer of complimentary two-month ‘Vox Connect’ smartphone guiding trials for guides and operators, upping its limit to 3,000 free demos, after initial launch numbers raced past 1,500 in just one week.

This state-of-the-art technology uses a choice of mobile internet or portable wi-fi to connect the smartphones of tour guides and their groups. It is simple to set up, easy to use and delivers crystal-clear communication with super-fast reception. Moreover, by using their personal devices and earphones group members can socially and safely distance with ease.

Vox Connect is designed to make touring even easier for guides, with advanced voice and music mixing and the ability to conduct polls or answer questions at any time. Moreover, secure long-distance streaming enables guests relaxing at their hotel to virtually join the rest of their group at the Eiffel Tower; or a tour of Italy to be listened to back in New York.

“Vox was the first company to introduce radio guides to the tourism industry over 20 years ago, but this system is a huge advance in that it allows guests to use their own phones” explained Fabio Primerano, CEO of Vox Group. “Post-Covid, this means group members can feel confident using their own devices and earphones and distancing is no issue. In fact, the range of Vox Connect is unlimited when using mobile internet, and over 160 meters when connected with ‘Vox Box’ portable wi-fi.”

Vox solutions are rapidly gaining ground across the world, bringing new and innovative ways for tour operators, attractions, museums and culture and regional tourism organisations to ready themselves for recovery.

Vox Connect will be available industry-wide from 1st July 2020. Click here to book a free Vox Connect demo for the period 1st July to 31st August.