Vox CLEARTONE devices making the news in UKINBOUND

UKINBOUND just published an article on the important role played by the Vox CLEARTONE devices in the recent simultaneous translation event, a multiple translation, performed at the Salisbury Cathedral.

Salisbury Cathedral’s VOX transmitters and receivers, normally used by tourists for climbing to the base of the Spire on a Tower Tour, played a different but equally important role at a special event for ‘looked after’ children held at the Cathedral recently.
VOX tour guide systems were used to provide simultaneously translation in two languages, Sudanese Arabic and Kurdish Sorani, to support those young people whose English is not yet fluent.

Director of Learning and Outreach, Ariane Crampton, who organised the event said:
“The VOX tour guide systems were a brilliant way to reach youngsters who do not have English as their first language, allowing them to experience the talk at first hand.” actively participate in this

Vox is very proud to have been able to play a supporting role in this special event for ‘looked after’ children.