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Vox Group CEO Fabio Primerano interviewed on SkyTG24

Vox Group CEO Fabio Primerano was sought out by SkyTG24’s Helga Cossu, as an industry expert to give his viewpoint on innovation and action within the travel industry today. During the programme ‘PROGRESS’, one of the questions Fabio was asked was his perspective on the timeframe for the recovery period in 2021 for the travel


Poll results show digital services gaining ground

In early April, Vox Group ran a series of travel industry webinars to discuss how businesses might think differently in the new tourism dynamic. Oversubscription saw the company set up 15 additional sector specific webinars, which ended with an interactive poll of over 500 participants. Attendees were asked what they thought would be the main


Smart destinations adapt to the new tourism dynamic.

The European tourism industry is said to be experiencing an estimated financial loss of roughly one billion Euro per month with the Covid-19 crisis, and it will likely take up to 10 months for the industry to recover. Tourism has come to a standstill and although there’s a general negative feeling, I believe the current slowdown