POPGuide makes the headlines in the Italian press

friìont page newsPOPGuide is making waves in the tourism sector as it offers a solution to many of the issues facing the industry in these difficult times. The front page title of the Leggo article dedicated to POPGuide reads ‘The app that reveals the Great Beauty’. The article explains how not only POPGuide promotes tourism in the Eternal City but also how it manages to satisfy the latest Covid health and safety guidelines.

The journalist highlights the various walking, shopping and foodie itineraries available plus the very intelligent itineraries which run along the central public bus routes, including the 40 and 64 routes. This sightseeing experience can be used in 7 languages including Russian and Chinese, and is available in a growing number of other European cities. It allows businesses  to stay connected with clients through personalised content, high quality audio, itineraries, offline navigation and promotions, while at the same time consolidating brand recognition and loyalty.

It’s a win-win product for both local operators and their visitors!