Poll results show digital services gaining ground

In early April, Vox Group ran a series of travel industry webinars to discuss how businesses might think differently in the new tourism dynamic. Oversubscription saw the company set up 15 additional sector specific webinars, which ended with an interactive poll of over 500 participants.

Attendees were asked what they thought would be the main issue facing the industry during the recovery period. 45% said they were most concerned about uncertain travel patterns and fluctuating visitor volumes.

They were then asked what they thought would be the most positive travel opportunity to come from the crisis. 65% believed that the boost to people’s tech skills, gained at home during the lock down, would result in travellers being much more prepared to integrate smartphone tools with their travel experiences.

Webinar hosts, John Boulding Vox Group CMO, a veteran of travel industry crises, and Andy Lawrence, Vox Commercial Director, and an expert in tours and attractions, fielded an array of international guests across the various seminars. The consensus opinion saw the panellists’ views of the future in line with those of the audiences: tourists will be thinking very differently about how they travel and what they want from their trip, during and post recovery.

The overall conclusion from the webinars was that digital travel tools will play an important part of the tourism product mix for the future.

For full poll analysis see below:


Q. 1



What do you think is the biggest issue facing tourism businesses in the recovery phase?



Response %

Ø  Uncertain travel patterns and volumes45%
Ø  Restrictions on distancing in venues and attractions33%
Ø  Consumer concerns on hygiene22%

Q. 2



What do you think will be the most positive travel opportunity to come from the crisis?


Ø  People’s new tech skills will require changes to product mix.65%
Ø  Consumers have used this time to plan new adventures.28%
Ø  There’ll be a new baby boom, ensuring future travel growth!7%