Create and Innovate: The Vox City Walks story so far…

  Over the last 9 months every tourism business has been forced to adapt and endure the impacts of Covid-19. However, here at Vox we didn’t just want to stop at adaptation, we saw an opportunity to create an experience for the future and with the inevitable recovery of tourism in mind, Vox City Walks

Smart destinations adapt to the new tourism dynamic.

The European tourism industry is said to be experiencing an estimated financial loss of roughly one billion Euro per month with the Covid-19 crisis, and it will likely take up to 10 months for the industry to recover. Tourism has come to a standstill and although there’s a general negative feeling, I believe the current slowdown

Preparing for tourism recovery after Coronavirus

Well, where to start, let’s look at the turn of the year. I for one was excited, I’d just agreed to start a new role with Vox Group and things were looking bright and breezy, I was ready for a new challenge within the industry. I’d seen a few articles about Coronavirus in China on

DMOs are cleverly enhancing the visitors experience

The changing role of DMOs in the digital era In the past the Tourist Office was always the first point of call for a tourist when physically arriving in a destination for the first time, a place where they could get a map and advise on places to visit locally. Today, with the rise of

The journey of audio-guiding technology in tourism.

The origins of modern tourism can be found in the church People have been travelling for social motives as far back as the Greeks and Romans, when they travelled to visit religious sites or festivals, despite the dangers and difficulties. Today, tourism employs 9.9% of the total global workforce and contributes 10.4% of total global

Over-tourism and how companies are helping preserve Rome.

Bella Roma! or maybe not. Rome is just beautiful, it’s no wonder that it receives around 10 million tourists every year. It has an immense array of archaeological monuments and art treasures, along with charming villas, parks and panoramic views. But this huge number of tourists in a relatively small city centre, where residents already

Hotels and trends in digital services being offered

Mobile phones have made life so much easier in many ways and are particularly useful when travelling. They are an omnipresent companion on the road, providing us with up-to-date information and a source of entertainment. The hotel industry is capitalizing on this trend as the demand for personalisation increases and they strive to enhance the

Travel providers and the age of personalisation

As any savvy marketer will tell you, personalisation is the new frontier. Online or offline, it’s essential for companies to provide customers with opportunities to do-their-own-thing. It should be the Holy Grail for travel providers too, because holidaymakers increasingly crave experiences that engage them with their destination and the local people, as individuals, enjoying flexibility